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Need Help Managing Your Small Business Fleet?

Who says that fleet management is only for those ginormous trucking fleets, your business can benefit heavily through more transparency in the fleet operations as well. And, you don’t need to throw away thousands of dollars for expensive fleet management systems designed for transportation giants, instead, you can go with something more economic and meant for small fleets.

Fleetr is a perfect option for those who feel that fleet management should be affordable, simple, and effective. Not only will Fleetr help you bring more transparency into your operations as it has for thousands of other business owners but will also give you more control regarding your fleet management and tracking operations.

Your business is sure to get a decent return on investment with Fleetr and this article will show you exactly how this will come to be.

Real-Time Fleet Management & Tracking

Vehicle fleets are hard to manage because you’ve got dozens of cars going to different places and due for their destinations at different times. Even for small fleets, keeping tabs on every driver is not that simple. If you plan on using your phone or an instant messaging app for this purpose then you’ll find out the hard way that these options are not equal to the challenge.

Real-time fleet tracking is a highly effective feature afforded only by premium-level fleet management software. The idea is simple: you can track the movements of your fleet, as they happen! For perspective, consider this: most apps only show updates on these movements after fixed intervals meaning that there’s no way for you to know what happened in between.

However, with real-time tracking, it’s as if you were seated in the vehicle with the driver. Though it may sound all high techy and complicated (which it is), the results on your end will be as simple as they get. Fleetr is meant to be used by all and is hence very simple to operate. On your end, you’ll see the cars as icons or markers moving on a live map of the area you operate in.

You’ll be able to see if a driver is moving along the decided path or not or if the vehicle has stopped, or over-speeding, or moving erratically. All elements of the driver’s behavior will be visible to you and you’ll be in a much better position to call the shots when they matter the most.

You’ll also be able to help your drivers if they’re headed the wrong way (confusions and mistakes are possible) or if there is some other problem. Real-time tracking keeps you in the loop of all that is happening; short of teleporting you into the passenger’s seat, Fleetr has your back when it comes to fleet management and tracking.

The best part is that you can look at all of these things via your smartphone or desktop, and in case you forget to check in with stuff, our regular notifications will keep you up to date. You won’t have to dedicate fixed hours for fleet management (which would be the case without the app), and instead get working on boosting productivity and efficiency in that time.

Stay Informed About Any Unsafe Driver Behavior

Unsafe driving practices on the road can lead to devastating accidents. Apart from the staggering losses in terms of property damage, injuries to your employee and the other party, and the disruption of your workflow, you’ll have to face strict legal consequences of such an event. As an employer, you must keep your workers under control and deter such behavior.

If the accident victim manages to link the accident to any negligence on your part, you’ll have to offer liability compensation which can be thousands of dollars even in moderate cases. Thus nipping unsafe driving practices in the bud is the most productive and cost-effective strategy in this regard. Fleetr is your number one partner here as well because our fleet management protocol also involves notifying you about any unsafe driving instances.

If one of your fleet drivers is rushing through traffic or driving aggressively (pressing hard against the accelerator and then braking swiftly), you’ll know about it as soon as it happens. The app will pick up on over-speeding, swift acceleration, or hard press of brakes. When this happens, you’ll have the liberty to let your drivers know that you’re not okay with such behavior.

You can even use the driver stats to reward or reprimand workers based on their performance. This will not only create an environment of accountability but also generate a reward-based system that will make your workers more inclined towards improving their performance.

Learn All Details Of The Trips & Manage Routes Effectively

The biggest problem with conventional methods to track fleets and keep tabs on your drivers’ performances is that you have next to no idea if the stats and numbers being reported are genuine or not. When your fleet driver files in the data on the logs, you’ll have to take their word for it.

However, this is not the case with modern fleet management systems like Fleetr. Now, you will have access to fully automated and complete accurate stats regarding your drivers. This means no tampering of data and complete transparency.

You can tap into the details of every ride, i.e. where it started, when it started, the distance traveled, time taken, average speed, number of stops, destination, arrival time, and much more. You’ll get all of the data at your disposal without having to rely upon someone’s honesty – this is called true transparency.

If there were instances of speeding or aggressive driving in the route, you’ll be able to see those segments of the trip as well. With all of these details at your disposal, you will be in a much better position to demand more from underperforming workers.

Fleet Management Made Easy For Your Business

Summing up on how a fleet management system such as Fleetr can help small fleets become more productive:

  • The system offers live tracking of your fleet vehicles giving you complete control.
  • You can communicate directly with each driver if you notice something problematic.
  • The availability of automated and completely genuine data removes dependence on the honesty of your fleet workers.
  • You can optimize the routes and scheduling of your fleet vehicles.
  • Any instances of unsafe driving will be reported instantly to you.
  • You can access the complete details of all trips with just a tap/click.
  • Complete transparency of data is assured.
  • The application works simply and does not require much technical knowledge to operate from the manager’s end.
  • Fleetr is perfect for small-sized fleets and facilitates accurate tracking of your fleet vehicles.
  • You can stay in the loop of the progress on both your smartphone and your computer.
  • Regular notifications will ensure that you don’t miss a thing.

Installation Is As Simple As It Gets

With all of the merits described above, you may not house any doubt in your heart about the utility and effectiveness of Fleetr. However, if you still feel a bit dubious, perhaps browsing through a couple of customer reviews for our system will put your mind at ease.

The best aspect of Fleetr is that it is meant to be simple for you in every way.

This also includes the installation phase.

Normally, fleet management systems can take hours or days to set up properly for a large-sized fleet. However, since Fleetr is meant for small businesses, the installation process is far simpler and takes only a couple of minutes.

Once you contact us and get your free device, plug it in your vehicle, download the app, configure your settings, and get tracking – that’s it!

For just $9.99 per month for a vehicle, you’ll stay completely up-to-date with the movements of your fleet cars and make decisions that matter.

Win-win, won’t you say?

Fleetr Is Your Go-To Solution For Small Scale Fleet Management

With thousands of satisfied customers using our fleet management system to keep tabs on their fleet’s activities, your business too is bound to become much more productive through the incorporation of Fleetr into the mix. You don’t have to sign boring contracts or follow restrictive terms.

It’s all as simple as things get: just get it and use it – that’s it!

Fleetr is meant to simple and convenient, the success of our fleet management software is largely owed to this single factor. You will also find the interface to be quite easy-to-understand and descriptive enough, and then there’s the real-time fleet tracking feature.

All in all, Fleetr will be your eyes and ears for every vehicle in your fleet.

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