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Mobile App Fleet Tracking Solutions

Fleet managers will inevitably reach a point where managing a fleet without the assistance of technology becomes difficult and inefficient. Once your fleet reaches a certain size, trying to remember maintenance schedules and finding out where your drivers have been become tedious and will take up most of your time. When you reach this point, it’s time to start searching for fleet tracking solutions.

When fleet management technology was first introduced, fleet managers placed a premium on certain features centered on fuel efficiency and driver safety. While those features are still important today, fleet managers are now looking for something particular when searching for the perfect fleet tracking program – mobile capabilities.

In today’s modern world, mobile phones are considered extensions of their users. It’s not an overstatement when people say their lives are on their mobile phones. It is therefore only normal to look for technology that they can access on their phone. Fleet managers are now prioritizing mobile capability when searching for fleet tracking solutions. Fleet managers’ needs are changing, indicating that their most important need right now is the ability to monitor the entire business even when they’re not in the office.

What is Mobile Fleet Tracking?

Mobile Fleet Tracking is the use of telematics to collect information from your fleet via a mobile app. The process of fleet tracking starts from the GPS tracking device that is mounted into your vehicles. First, the tracking device collects valuable data from your vehicle. It then transmits that data to the companion software, where it will be displayed in ways that are more accessible for human understanding.

Usually, companion programs that come along with GPS tracking devices come in computer programs that are either downloaded onto your PC or accessed via a website on your browser. However, most programs nowadays have gone mobile, and fleet tracking is no exception. As a result, fleet managers now have the ability to make use of fleet tracking’s many features on their mobile phones.

The Importance of Mobile Fleet Tracking Apps

Why are mobile fleet tracking apps important? Simply because mostly everyone is on the move. While you’re going through your daily tasks, you move from one location to another. If you are using traditional computer programs for your fleet tracking service, this limits your ability to move about and multi-task. If you get up from your seat and do something else, you can’t stay on top of your fleet anymore.

With mobile fleet tracking, you can put your phone in your pocket and go about your duties as a fleet manager. You only need to take a peek at your phone now and then for more updates regarding your fleet. Fleet managers are always worried about what goes on in their fleet. Most managers get fleet tracking in the first place is the need to oversee the operation of their business at all times. With your mobile phone, you can still manage your fleet even while you’re out having lunch with a potential client, attending an industry-related conference out of town, or even at home during the weekends.

Mobile fleet tracking apps offer more versatility and flexibility than their traditional counterparts. Let’s take some time to go over the many benefits and advantages of mobile fleet tracking over other alternatives.

Access to Information on the Go

Need to look something up, but you’re outside the office? Open your mobile fleet tracking up and find the information you need. Mobile fleet management systems allow businesses to collect data accurately and assign values to physical assets such as vehicles. All tracking devices used in the system are labeled with vehicle and driver information so that you can pull up the info you need no matter where you are.

Did your driver not show up for work? In a few taps, you can find your driver’s contact information right away. Want to know how many hours a particular driver worked? The app can collect and save route information for at least 120 days. With mobile fleet tracking, you have the power of information right at your fingertips.

Stay on Top of Possible Driving Red Flags

Fleet managers are busy people, but they want to stay on top of things, especially people and assets currently out of sight. So if a fleet manager is doing business outside, it’s only normal that they will still get notified of any potential problems.

Fleetr’s fleet management solutions give fleet managers that peace of mind to be updated in real-time of any driving red flags. The app sends fleet managers a notification every time a vehicle performs what the app sees as potentially risky driving behavior. These include the following actions:

  • Hard braking
  • Rapid Acceleration
  • Speeding
  • Sharp Turns

Each time the driver does any of the actions mentioned above, the manager is notified immediately. Hence, they are not only in the know but are allowed to make decisions and remedy the problem as soon as possible.

Idling is another driving red flag, but for entirely different reasons. Idling refers to the practice of leaving the engine running while you’re on a break. While this may be convenient for drivers because they can climb up the driver’s seat and get back on the road after their break, idling actually uses up a lot of fuel. One hour of idling is equal to one gallon of fuel wasted.

Imagine how much your business is hemorrhaging on fuel costs if most of your drivers will idle while at rest stops. The app notifies you of instances of idling for more than 10 minutes so you can enforce policies that promote fuel efficiency.

Fleetr Driver Safety Scorecard

Aside from notifications, Fleetr also has a metric called the driver safety scorecard. It records potentially risky driving behavior and assigns each driver a safety score based on how many times the app flagged them for dangerous driving. The scorecard is updated weekly so that managers can check carefully for repeat offenders and those warned previously but have not improved their driving behaviors.

A driving score of 67 and above is a passing grade, while scores of 33 and below should be alarming. Managers can access this metric through their mobile phones to make decisions regarding erring drivers no matter where they are. Drivers with low scores can be educated on proper protocols and re-trained on traffic laws. In addition, sanctions may be considered for repeat offenders.

Shut Down Vehicle Theft Immediately

Your fleet vehicles are your most important physical asset. This is why vehicular accidents and incidences of car theft are enormous losses for the business. However, if you have fleet tracking on your mobile phone, you can shut down vehicle theft as soon as possible.

Because fleet tracking allows you to monitor all vehicles in your fleet, you can easily catch vehicle movement outside the ordinary. For example, the app sends notifications to your phone if a vehicle is idle for over 10 minutes, meaning the vehicle is running but is not moving anywhere.

You can also detect route discrepancies via GPS tracking on your mobile phone. For example, if your vehicle moves in directions outside its usual route, you can suspect that something is amiss. Similarly, the app also alerts you if your vehicle is turned on and used outside of work hours.

You can immediately act on suspicious behaviors such as this if you have your mobile phone with you. By easily looking up your driver’s contact information on your mobile app, you can contact them and ask them for clarifications. Then, if your suspicions are proven correct, and someone else is trying to run off with your vehicle, you can inform law enforcement right away and even guide them to your vehicle’s whereabouts.

Vehicle theft is not only devastating because it can result in financial loss, but it can also cause rifts within the company. If a vehicle goes missing, especially during work hours, the driver is usually the first person suspected. Flinging accusations around will get you nowhere – because your fleet is equipped with GPS tracking, not only are you able to pinpoint where your vehicle is, but you can also confirm people’s alibis with the data collected by GPS.

Get Important Notifications Around The Clock

Although you want to stay on top of your business constantly, you also can’t be expected to remain glued to your seat, watching the GPS tracking map day in and day out. By installing the mobile app on your phone, you can enjoy your life and stay updated on essential fleet updates.

You can set up notifications for the following instances:

  • Harsh Braking – Hard braking is considered risky driving behavior. Drivers usually hard brake when trying to avoid accidents after making poor judgment calls on the road. When drivers step on the brakes suddenly, it also consumes a lot of fuel because your car needs to come to a stop immediately. Hard braking is a sign of poor driving behavior and fuel inefficiency, and therefore something needs to be brought to your attention.


  • After Hours – You can set the fleet after hours in the admin module of the app. By providing the app with your fleet’s working schedule, the app automatically learns what your after-hours are and knows that company vehicles shouldn’t be running outside of work hours. The app sends you a notification if the vehicle exhibits unusual activity after hours. This could mean that the vehicle is being moved or its engine was turned on. Either way, it means someone is trying to use the vehicle outside work hours.


  • Idling – Idle times are when your vehicle’s engine is running, but the vehicle itself isn’t going anywhere. The app sends a notification each time a vehicle goes idle for over 10 minutes. The app considers this type of behavior deserving of your immediate attention because idling is a huge waste of fuel.


  • Speeding – Speeding is another risky driving behavior that the app warns you about. Unlike other risky driving behaviors, you can set acceptable speeding limits on the app, depending on your company’s policies. By default, the app is set to send warnings once a vehicle goes over ten mph over the speed limit for more than 60 seconds. You can adjust the mph and the duration, depending on what you’re comfortable with.


  • Device disconnection -The app automatically notifies you if the GPS device mounted on your vehicle has been disconnected for more than 48 hours. This usually indicates tampering, or maybe the device was knocked loose unintentionally, thereby disconnecting the device. However, if you check your mobile app frequently, you may notice that something is amiss even before the 48-hour mark.

 Manage Your Fleet’s Maintenance Schedules Remotely

Regular vehicle maintenance is one of the most important processes of your business. Without regular maintenance, the efficiency of your vehicles will decrease in time and start showing signs of problems. This increases the risk of vehicle breakdowns, which will inevitably mean expensive repairs and part replacements.

Because vehicle repairs are costly, fleet managers make it a point to stay on top of the company’s maintenance schedule. Because fleet management apps can now be accessed via mobile phones, fleet managers can now constantly check which vehicles are due for maintenance soon. Managers can also make changes to the company’s maintenance policies and schedule from the mobile app itself.

Setting up a maintenance schedule is more complicated than simply setting a date for vehicle maintenance, setting the alarm for that date, and setting that alarm up to repeat weekly or monthly. This is because vehicles differ when it comes to their maintenance requirements. For example, frequently used vehicles may need weekly maintenance. In contrast, less used vehicles may only need to be looked over once a month.

Nobody achieves a fully efficient maintenance process on the first try. It takes a lot of tinkering and adjusting as you become more familiar with your vehicles’ needs. Fleet managers can do this anytime and anywhere, thanks to mobile tracking apps.

Seamless Collaboration For Fleet Management Teams

While fleet managers are tasked to oversee fleet operations, nobody expects them to do everything independently. Therefore, the success of your fleet tracking system depends not only on you as a fleet manager but also on the people working with you. To fully take advantage of fleet management’s data collection and reporting abilities, you need people well-versed in data analysis to generate reports that can give you insight into what’s going on in your company and what options are available.

The ability to work across several platforms, including mobile, can help fleet management teams collaborate better and share information in real-time. In addition, the ability to access all GPS tracking data on computers and mobile phones helps your team stay on the same page.

The Best Fleet Tracking App on Mobile

Because of the flexibility afforded by mobile fleet tracking technology, it’s only imperative that you search for fleet tracking solutions that allow you to go mobile. The ability to get up, take your phone, and go about your day while still staying connected to your business can help fleet managers be more productive, yet at the same time, allow them to live their lives more fully because they don’t need to keep staring at the screen constantly.

If you’re on the lookout for the best fleet tracking app with mobile capabilities, ask yourself first, what are your business needs and goals? Fleetr is a fleet management solution provider that prioritizes convenience and ease of use. We take pride in the features that offer real value to our customers. These features can be accessed easily and mastered quickly without the need for technical know-how. So contact us today and let us know how we can take your fleet management system to the next level.

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