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Key Features of a Fleet GPS System

Swiftly, more and more businesses are starting to turn to GPS tracking systems as a part of their fleet management process. It’s a great new technology tool to have in your shop if you want to manage company vehicles, better your drivers, and see metrics and data like you never have before.

Deciding to install these newer systems should take time and careful consideration. There are a lot of companies in the market now offering these services, and you must decide to choose the one that will best fit your business.

For instance, are you a bigger fleet of over several hundred vehicles or a rather small company? No matter how you answer that question, all companies can benefit from installing a fleet management solution.

Here are the key features of a fleet GPS that we promise every fleet manager will love.

The Benefits Of A Fleet Management System

Some companies don’t like change, and while we understand that, first consider the benefit of upgrading to a modern technology service that can simplify your daily operations.

Fleet managers already have a lot on their to-do lists, from managing all shipments, routes, drivers, vehicles, scheduling maintenance repairs, and keeping up with company finances. The traditional way of fleet management came from a desk in an office with mountains of paperwork scattered everywhere, taking forever to find one document you may need to reference.

A fleet management system can make a positive change that includes less stress and a whole lot of savings, including savings of headaches.

The benefit of implementing a technology system like the Fleetr GPS tracking device is that you can now have all the information you need at your fingertips. You will also be able to see the information you never saw before, meaning you get to see the actual source of all your fuel consumption and vehicle performance issues.

Fleet management systems also help to boost morale and the efficiency of your company overall. Now that you’re able to see the source of information, you will know how to improve your business in its daily operations that will significantly impact your company and customer satisfaction.

Why Your Business Needs Fleet Tracking Devices

If you’re a fleet manager, you probably know that there’s a lot of information you need to make better decisions for the company. A lot of information can come from your drivers and vehicles that you will not see unless you have a GPS tracking device keeping everyone accountable.

Using a GPS is a fleet’s new way of data tracking meant to improve company outcomes. There may be many times when you feel like production is low or some employees are not performing as they should, but you do not have sufficient evidence to prove it.

There also might be a few times where packages and shipments get lost, and you need to go back and retrace a few routes to see where an issue might have occurred. A lot of newer GPS tracking systems with fleet management software provide detailed information to help you make adjustments to your business that improve efficiency.

Efficiency is crucial in a company that relies on its vehicles to transport goods to and from different locations. When it comes to said efficiency, there’s a lot covered in that term, such as fuel consumption, how your vehicles are operating, and making sure you have all of your vehicles powered and ready to make their routes.

Every fleet manager knows that having one company truck facing downtime is never good. This means you will be crunched to make shipments while also figuring out how to fix and repair the issue in the down vehicle.

The information that GPS tracking systems provide can give you insights into how your company is actually running and provide clues to decrease similar issues from arising at a much later time.

How Fleet Tracking Can Improve Morale, Accountability, And Safety

One of the biggest reasons fleet managers love having a GPS is that it boosts their drivers’ morale, accountability, and safety. If you work in a bigger fleet, you know how hard it is to track every driver and make sure they’re safe on the road and using equipment as they should. With a GPS, you can rest all of your assumptions and doubts.

Driver safety is a very big deal for every vehicle operating company. When they are on the road, your drivers are responsible for the safety of themselves, the equipment, and other drivers on the road. If a driver is not careful, there could be an accident or a delayed shipment that will affect customer satisfaction.

If a driver were to get in an accident, there are insurance claims to file, which starts a whole new tedious process that your business will have to go through and stress over with finances and claims, especially if the accident is one of your driver’s fault.

How your driver operates the company vehicles can also affect how your vehicle performs. Certain driver habits can lead to premature vehicle maintenance or certain parts wearing out quicker than they should. For instance, if your drivers use the brakes harshly, this can lead to your brake pads needing to be replaced and becoming worn out.

GPS tracking systems can report on more than where your drivers are on their routes. While they show what road they’re on and where they’re traveling, you can also see information such as reports on if they do something damaging to your vehicles or step in a location they’re not supposed to be in.

With the Fleetr GPS tracking system, you will get notifications in real-time on things your drivers do, like idle, accelerate, or slam on the brakes. Our metrics help keep your drivers accountable for their actions and promote healthier use of equipment and driver habits.

You can use the information on your reports to show your drivers their habits and know that there’s actual proof instead of speculation. These reports can change driver habits and increase awareness on the road. It’s a great way to ensure drivers have accountability and increase safety and morale throughout your business.

Fleet Tracking Leads To Better Metrics For Managers

The best way to improve the standing of your business is to look at current numbers and figure out the best way to move forward with your business. Fleet managers used to have paperwork to file to find the numbers from monthly reports.

Fleetr gives you weekly, monthly, and yearly reports of your statistics and metrics to always have information to look at. Consistent tracking means fleet managers have metrics to look at every day instead of waiting weeks to see how your business is standing.

Our system makes it easier for fleet managers to see real-time data whenever they want. This helps fleet managers stay on top of their metrics and logistics to make quicker decisions that greatly affect their business.

Once you start using a fleet management system like a GPS tracking device and you begin to notice the difference it makes, you will wonder why you didn’t implement one sooner.

Know Where Your Fleets Are Every Time

Tired of sitting in the office wondering if your vehicles are where they need to be at all times? With a GPS tracking system, you no longer have to wonder. GPS systems bring peace of mind to fleet managers if you have employees that sometimes may not always be where you expect them to be.

Tracking your drivers are not the only benefit of using a system such as this one. If there were a situation to arise where a shipment was lost, you could retrace your steps to see where something might have disappeared during the route.

Fleet managers knowing where their fleets are at all times is crucial for management and seeing the real-time effort of all employees.

Observe The Maintenance Of Your Vehicles

Keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicles is very important for daily operations. If a vehicle is down or always needs maintenance, then you could face more issues within your business.

Fleet management systems, including GPS tracking systems, can help you keep an eye on any maintenance repairs that are needed and the overall maintenance of your company vehicles. Most fleet managers know that the maintenance of company vehicles correlates with the use of the equipment and how it is maintained.

We’ve already discussed how GPS tracking can alert you of driver habits, but this can also lead to you keeping service history tabs on your trucks and vehicles since that’s valuable information. Plus, since it is through an app or digital system, there’s no need to flip through folders of paperwork to find information on previous work history orders.

Fleet managers have a lot of business to keep tabs on, especially if there are a lot of vehicles in the fleet. Having an online system to help manage the large fleet can ease fleet managers and be an easier way to manage the work your fleet vehicles need.

Receive Driver Habit Alerts

Businesses that use our GPS tracking love the alerts that our devices can give managers about their drivers. Right now, only managers are allowed in the app and system. Drivers cannot see information that’s being reported unless you show them.

Our tracking will show you the habits of all your drivers in their assigned vehicles, including good and bad. One of the key features of our GPS tracking system is our driver safety score. This is valuable information to be able to see how safe and efficient your business is running.

The driver score gives out two scores. A score of about 67 or higher is a safe score and means your drivers are using caution as they are on the road with your equipment. A score of 33 or lowers means your driver needs to be immediately consulted, and they have habits that could negatively affect your equipment, safety on the road, and customer delivery.

Our GPS tracking feature’s metrics and data give you the score and reasons for that scoring. It will show you how often your driver does use the best discretion and misuses company equipment. You could use this data for training and building awareness within your team of how your drivers act on a daily basis.

Key GPS Features With Fleetr

Welcome to Fleetr’s GPS tracking system, your next favorite tool in your company. Our device makes it simple for you to see real-time data for all of your vehicles and drivers you choose to track.

Our company works great for smaller fleets with a hundred or fewer vehicles to manage. If you decide to work with us, we will send out all of your tracking devices (up to 100) by mail for you to install.

Here’s what you can expect with a Fleetr GPS tracking system:

  • Live 60-second updates on all routes, drivers, and vehicles
  • Geofencing monitoring and alerts when drivers step out of the fence
  • Service history on all vehicles
  • Downloadable app for smartphone or tablet viewing (desktop-accessible too)
  • Driver safety report
  • Metrics on driving habits and fuel consumption for every vehicle and driver
  • No contracts
  • A service that helps save your business money

Some companies out there have pricing plans involving contracts with hidden fees and hoops to jump through to get out of. At Fleetr, that’s not how we roll.

We operate on a month-to-month subscription plan. It costs only $9.99 per vehicle each month you decide to track. Unless you cancel, your account will automatically renew at the end of each month.

Our metrics are high-quality and in-depth to give you all of the information you didn’t know you needed. Once you begin using Fleetr’s tracking system, you can see the following information on each vehicle:

  • Idle time
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Total miles
  • Total trips
  • Fleet safety percentage
  • Average speed
  • Average trip distance

To install our devices is really simple. In fact, you can do it yourself. You will need to hook up the GPS devices on the OBD of each vehicle. A green light will turn on to indicate the device is working, and once that happens, you can start reviewing data in your online portal.

We will send out tracking devices in the mail that you should receive within four to six days. You should also expect to get your tracking number in the mail and your login information via email. After you have your login in, just download the app on your smartphone or tablet, and you can start viewing either there or on your desktop.

Install A GPS Tracking System In Your Vehicles Today

Ready to get started? Your business can be fast on its way to being the best version ever with the installation of our system. We provide all the metrics fleet managers need to see their business standing in real-time and allow you to see where vehicles are every day.

Fleetr has made it easy for fleet managers to now track company equipment and drivers as they are out on the road. Our product is also beneficial for saving your business money with metrics that go in-depth and show where a lot of your money is going in terms of fuel and repairs.

Getting started with Fleetr is simple. After speaking to a representative on our website or calling us at +1 (416) 651-7575, we can have your tracking number and GPS devices shipped out today.

Don’t hesitate any longer before making a move to install a much-needed system like this. Get your Fleetr GPS now.

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