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Improving Efficiency Within Your Fleet

Running businesses boom with efficiency. Finding ways to make your organization run smoother is crucial for the longevity of your reputation, employees, and equipment. Fleet managers have a lot on their plate with daily tasks, from scheduling new routes and repairs to tracking drivers and shipments and their financial aspects.

Thanks to modern advancements in technology, there are easier ways to improve efficiency within your fleet that all start with a device you’re likely familiar with using every day: your smartphone.

Newer fleet management software is meant to be used on an app or your desktop for easy viewing. It helps improve efficiency on a wide range of items for your business. Here’s what you can expect from using fleet management software like Fleetr.

Why Fleet Efficiency Is Crucial For Your Business

With rising prices of fuel and repairs, fleet efficiency is a hot topic in any trucking business. Efficiency for your fleet does not just affect business profit; it also affects morale and customer satisfaction.

There’s a lot within your business that affects the efficiency of your business, including your fuel consumption, driver safety, and proper maintenance of all vehicles. The efficiency of your business is important for making sure daily operations are having a positive effect on all of your numbers.

If you constantly face vehicles that are down and not running, you don’t have enough equipment to get shipments out, which can delay shipping times and increase unhappy customers. While sometimes vehicles have faulty parts that result in their downfall, it could also come from driver operation.

Without GPS tracking, you have no way of knowing how your drivers are using your equipment on the road. Their driving habits could be why your vehicles always need fuel, parts needing constant repairs, or customers are getting delayed shipments.

Efficiency is key for your business running smoothly. If you knew you could do something to change your business’s efficiency, wouldn’t you do it?

Install New Fleet Management Software

The best way to improve efficiency for your company is to implement a fleet management software! These systems can give you all of the data and metrics you need to make changes around your shop to boost overall efficiency.

Fleet management software allows you to see information when you want to and when you need to. You don’t have to make judgments or assumptions about your vehicles. Instead, you can see exactly how things are going in real-time.

Since we’re all about improving efficiency, it’s important to know that this software is very easy to use. Not only this, but you are giving a lot more flexibility in the daily operations of your business with software like this.

Fleet management software allows you to do so much for your business, such as:

  • Schedule maintenance updates
  • GPS tracking of drivers and vehicles
  • Fuel consumption metrics
  • Weekly, monthly, yearly reports
  • Service history
  • Notifications
  • Multiple users
  • Route scheduling

Overall, fleet management software’s data will be extremely beneficial and help your business save money and time in management tasks. It’s extremely easy to get started with implementing these systems into your daily operations.

Most fleet management software takes only a few minutes to set up with an incredible payoff.

Say Goodbye To Paperwork And Hello To Data At Your Fingertips

Speaking of saving time, you will love the benefit that fleet management software can give you with it all being digital. You no longer have to scrounge in an office, fill out endless papers, and worry about having thousands of documents to look through when you need to reference information. If there’s no other feature you love with a fleet management software, it will be sure with this one. Having all of your information accessible at your fingertips makes it easy for every fleet manager to stay on top of all information.

When you use a fleet management software system like Fleetr, you can have all of your documents in one place. You can house your route’s service history, schedule upcoming repairs, upload photos, and set alerts for several users. There are also GPS features to use as well.

You can access your online data through three different locations: an app on your smartphone, tablet, or on your desktop computer. That means, as a fleet manager, if you carry around a tablet or your phone as you walk around the shop, you can pull up your data and information within seconds if there is something you need to check.

You can do a lot with a fleet management software system that you couldn’t do with plain old paper. Well, maybe you could, but it would take much longer than having a digital source to use.

Keep Up With The Performance Of Your Vehicles

To keep up with the efficiency of your vehicles, you need to make sure your company equipment is up to date and operating as it should. While you can tell if your vehicle needs updates every now and then, fleet management software can give you extra indicators that you may need to repair a part, especially the brakes.

There are a lot of accidents that are caused by drivers who do not use the right discretion when operating company vehicles. Fleet management software can alert you when a driver uses the brakes harshly or speed. Drivers not using appropriate driving habits can create issues for vehicle operations.

If a vehicle of yours is down, it really puts a damper on company efficiency. Every fleet manager knows that it’s important to stay on top of repairs and make sure every vehicle is updated. You can keep your team up to date as well with digital communication about upcoming repairs while using fleet management software.

Now that you will be able to schedule repairs or see what needs to be fixed with vehicles from drivers, you can allow other team members to be alerted with upcoming fixes. You can schedule and send out notifications to other company managers to keep everyone aware of what’s going on in the shop.

A part of having an efficiently running business is open communication and team awareness at all times. If everyone in your business knows what’s going with all vehicles, the shop can find ways to make adjustments for deliveries and continue to have a business that is operating to the best of its ability.

Gain Real-Time Insights Of Your Fleets

The traditional way of managing a shop included paperwork, phone calls, and tracking data the old way. With the old way of managing a fleet, you never truly knew what your numbers looked like until you had your weekly or monthly reports and then were left to put the pieces together for your business.

With fleet management software, you can see real live updates and numbers to make quick decisions. You can see real-time metrics of your fleet to help improve the efficiency of vehicle use and operation to make sure your equipment is always in as pristine condition as possible.

Our fleet management software can give you real-time insights of the following from vehicle use:

  • Idle time
  • Total trips per fleet
  • Total miles
  • Fleet efficiency score
  • Fleet safety score
  • Average trip distance

Having this information can accurately tell you where your fuel is going. If you notice your drivers tend to idle a lot or that your fleet efficiency score is going down, you can make necessary adjustments to improve the efficiency and company profit.

Since fuel is where most fleet companies spend their money, which can be easily prevented with proper usage, our metrics can show you your fuel consumption so you can make adjustments to save and spend less.

Improve Fleet Efficiency With Fuel Consumption

Every fleet manager knows that fuel is where a large chunk of money goes to keep the trucks and vehicles up and running. If you notice that you are spending a lot of money on fuel and that your trucks are consistently needing to be filled up, then there is likely something that isn’t right with your vehicles.

Many companies don’t realize how easy it is to make a few changes that can boost fuel consumption and decrease the amount you have to spend on fill-ups. After reviewing our numbers from our graph, you can make changes to conserve the fuel that your drivers have the habit of wasting.

A few ways you can conserve fuel are to make sure your vehicles are well maintained and that your vehicles are not speeding all the time as they are on the road. Vehicles that are well maintained and have fixed parts aren’t wasting as much fuel. Speeding is another cause of a lot of wasted fuel that you will be able to monitor from metrics our app tells you.

If you see that a lot of your drivers are responsible for idling or speeding a good amount, their driver safety score will report it. You can then hold a conference with your drivers to promote change and watch the savings for fuel grow.

Since fuel is what gets your vehicles to and from their scheduled routes, fuel efficiency is a big deal for any business, and it’s important to monitor it closely.

Use Data To Track Service History In Your Fleet

Another important part of efficiency with company equipment is taking notice of vehicles that are costing your company money in consistent repairs. Having a service history tracker can show you which vehicles are always facing down or having issues, and it also helps you keep track of your past repairs on your vehicles.

With in-depth data, you can see the trends that are in your business with company vehicles. Our graphs can show you all the data you need to make adjustments to your vehicles and improve efficiency with how they run and how you use them.

Having services records to go back and check on is easier than having a stack of papers at your desk to have to file and search for when you need it. Our program makes it easy to store and house all of your information and the ability to schedule routine maintenance updates at your fingertips.

Since times are always changing, including with prices of fuel, repairs, and business profit, it’s always a good idea to have numbers easily available to you so you can locate the trends in your spending and usage to make necessary changes to your business.

Increase Fleet Efficiency With A GPS Tracking Device

One of the best ways to improve efficiency within your shop is with a GPS tracking tool. Knowing where your drivers are at all times and how your vehicles are being used can promote more than efficiency for your business; it can also improve driver safety.

When your drivers are on the road, there’s a lot that’s at stake. Not only are your drivers and their safety on the line, but so are your company equipment and the other passengers that are out on the road.

Let’s also address the elephant in the room: driver accountability. While you would like to think your drivers are taking care of company equipment at all times and practicing safe habits, you can’t be naive enough to think that’s the case.

Nobody is perfect, but when a driver uses one of your company vehicles, it’s important to make sure everything is running efficiently and safely. GPS tracking can improve the morale around your shop and increase driver accountability by fleet managers seeing how each driver is using equipment in real-time.

Fleetr’s GPS is refreshed every 60 seconds. You can also locate on a map you set up where your drivers are in relation to your programmed routes. Our GPS features also allow you to set up geofences that will send you notifications if your drivers break out of that geofence range.

With Fleetr, you will also be given a driver safety score to report how safe your employees are on the road. The driver safety score will take the following into account when the vehicles are in use: harsh braking, rapid accelerating, sharp turns, and speeding. Our report also considers how long the drivers are on the road.

A high score, meaning your driver is safe, is any score above 67. Any score below 33 is considered to be extremely risky and should result in a consultation from you as soon as possible.

The good thing about having a driver safety score is that you will have the numbers and proof to show your employees their use of company equipment. There will be no more debates on “if” your employee misused company equipment; it will be a hard fact.

Once your drivers know that you are tracking their every move and there is sufficient evidence to prove driving, you can expect efficiency and driver safety to increase within your company.

How Fleetr Can Improve Fleet Efficiency

If you’re ready to use a tool that can significantly impact your business, now is the time to get everything set up. Fleetr is a no-contract, month-to-month operation, which means you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in an agreement you don’t want to be in. Your contract will automatically renew at the end of each month unless you decide to terminate.

Fleetr is a company that’s known for its AI-powered GPS devices and is based in California. It’s our mission to give fleets the data they need to make better decisions for their business operations.

When you set up your account with Fleetr, we will begin sending out the number of GPS devices you have requested, which should arrive within four to six days. Your tracking number will be delivered within one to two days.

Since we are a company that helps smaller fleet businesses, you can install a GPS in up to 100 vehicles. If the time comes where you decide to end your time with Fleetr, you will be responsible for sending every GPS.

A part of the setup process includes having login information that we will send to you via email. Once you receive the GPS devices and download the Fleetr app or access your account on the desktop, you can start viewing the data you’re after.

The GPS tracking devices need to be installed on the OBD below the steering wheel. You will be able to tell if your device is properly installed and working if a green light lights up after hooking up your device.

Get Started With High-Quality Software Today

Are you ready to improve your fleet’s efficiency and metrics? Your businesses needed fleet management software yesterday!

Fleetr has made it easy for your business to track all vehicles and see real-time metrics with our software that won’t cost your business more than you currently spend on fuel. Our plans start at $9.99 per vehicle, maxing out at 100. You can get started today by setting up your account.

Our company is designed for fleets with a smaller load of vehicles, but our services are high-quality. Get started today by visiting us online or calling +1 (416) 651-7575.

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