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How To Increase Fleet Efficiency By Using GPS Trackers

Over the past few years, fleet tracking solutions have gained popularity, and rightfully, so as they continue to improve safety amongst drivers, save money for large and small fleet companies, and continue to improve efficiency in different types of areas within that business.

This information can be backed up by statistics and data performed by multiple different surveys. A recent study done by Allied Market Research found that the global vehicle tracking systems market has generated $3.79 billion in 2017, while it’s expected to reach $14.95 billion by 2025.

As it continues to become more and more popular, we are here to explain why our service, Fleetr is the best option for smaller fleet companies to invest in and how it will increase efficiency for fleet business owners. But first, let us explain exactly how fleet tracking software operates.

Using a Fleet Tracking System

Fleet tracking systems use GPS to pinpoint a vehicle’s exact location to give you all different types of information. Here’s how we get that exact location, GPS satellites orbit the Earth, sending down signals to receivers where it will calculate the distance and show the driver’s location in real-time. By plugging in our Fleetr device into the vehicle’s OBD II Port it allows communication to be sent from the hardware to your vehicle’s dashboard or smart device.

OBD II Port Explanation

An OBD is the port used when reading a vehicle’s computer information. By plugging in a GPS fleet tracking unit into the port, it retrieves diagnostic information from that vehicle. Through the port, the fleet tracking solution will transmit data back to your dashboard, which is accessed through a smart device.

By adding one into each vehicle, you will receive vital information on your entire fleet that is easily accessible. With Fleetr, there’s also no need for professional installation, the OBD II device is a portable unit that plugs into the port by the driver. So, you can order as many as you need and install them in less than 20 minutes.

Fleet Telematics

Telematics is the joining of two sciences; telecommunications, a branch of technology including phone lines and cables, and informatics such as computer systems. Telematics refers to the type of data you will retrieve from your GPS tracking system.

With Fleetr, here’s what you will get from our software:

  • Diagnostics: When a car’s sensors notice something isn’t right it will send an error message (for example: your car is overheating)
  • Speed: The speed of the vehicle
  • Location: The live location of the fleet vehicles
  • Trip History: Detailed trip history, including starting location, stops, end location, time/date, and duration.

Normally, to retrieve data for your fleet operations, many companies will require you to pay for their service. Fleetr is wireless. It’s data plan is paid for by Fleetr with coverage across the entire United States. Your monthly subscription is only $9.99 and comes with the device (for free), there are no contracts, so you may leave at any time, and there’s no activation fees.

Where Fleet Tracking Improves Efficiency

There’s many areas Fleetr helps with businesses improve. The key areas are in employee productivity, cutting major costs down in fuel, maintenance, and administrative duties, plus keeping the roads safer! This all gives you as a business owner more time to focus on your company and not what your employees are doing, plus you can save tons of money while doing it! Let’s break it down.

  • Employee Productivity– The software tracks drivers, you will know when they stop and how often stops are occurring. This makes you aware if employees are abusing overtime/breaks and are being efficient during their shifts. This also helps you lead to better payroll management, not having to worry about timecards or having your drivers keep track of their time with pen and paper. Drivers can also avoid traffic delays and plan for inclement weather, the software will alert drivers and can pick alternate, more efficient routes to get to their needed location.
  • Fuel Efficiency– Gas for fleets is the biggest money guzzler in this business. It costs a lot and you need a lot. However, with Fleetr you know exactly the right amount you need at the pump, and the software alerts you to take action if gas is being wasted. Alerts from the data tracking system will tell drivers to shut off their engine after a specified amount of idle time passes. The system also will send alerts about aggressive driving behaviors and allow you to monitor how much fuel a driver uses through reports. All of this helps combat you wasting money at the pump. With Fleetr you can get up to $200 in savings of gas a month!
  • Maintenance Efficiency– Fleetr helps keep repair and maintenance costs down. Alerts will be sent straight to your device if any problems occur with a vehicle within your fleet. The service allows you to see the status of each vehicle’s battery life, miles left until maintenance should be done, when an oil change is required, and if brake pads are wearing out on each truck, car, or van inside your fleet. If you become more efficient when maintenance is due on vehicles, you can end up saving yourself tons on these costs each year. You can also adjust how many miles you want your fleet to receive maintenance check-ups as you can move up the suggested miles higher or lower to suit your fleet’s specific needs. This saves you money and time, making your fleet feel safer, more efficient, and exceptionally well maintained.
  • Becoming Time Efficient– Another major impact a GPS tracking solution can have on a fleet business is it allows you as a business owner or manager to have much more time on your hands to carry out other important duties. All of that administrative paperwork or money wasted on ink and paper can become a thing of the past. The app has it all for you. No need to worry about being in your office either. Fleetr allows you to access it anywhere, anytime right from the palm of your hand. The application works with Apple and Android devices or desktop operating systems. Time isn’t wasted when you’re using Fleetr.
  • Improving Safety– And of course, this improves safety on the roads, amongst your drivers, and others. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction as well, earning you more money. By tracking aggressive driving behaviors, you could potentially put a stop to danger on the roads. Plus, when employees know they are being monitored, it results in safer driving all around. Accidents cost a lot of money, on average $28,000. However, if you utilize fleet tracking software, many insurance companies will offer discounts to businesses. Once again helping you keep costs down and keeping the roads safer for everyone.

Thanks to the special integrations added into the software, it centralizes all of this data so it’s not separate or confusing. You can access it all from the application increasing your efficiency within your business. Our website also has a handy calculator for you to use before purchasing so you know exactly where and how you will save, access it here.

Using Fleetr

Ready to learn more? Fleetr is the best option for smaller fleet operations. We have absolutely no minimums, you can have one or five vehicles, but we do ask that you max out at 100 vehicles.

Fleetr is user and business-friendly that’s available to download straight from their website or on the Apple App and Google Playstore. It’s compatible with all smartphones and desktop operating systems. The app takes only 20 minutes to install in only three easy steps.

  • Plug in the Fleetr device that is included with your monthly subscription.
  • Download the app, which is offered in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The Fleetr app is compatible with all smartphones and desktop operating systems.
  • Once installed, start tracking and saving as data will immediately be sent to your smart device in real-time.

Fleetr will also provide weekly reports and scoring for driver performance. Scores that are 67 and higher will be considered efficient. Scores that are 33 or under show that there are problems you may want to address amongst your drivers.

Stay efficient with Fleetr, it’s a simple way to save. As the future of telematics continues to grow, it’s time to be a part of the future. If you want to learn more or have any additional questions, we offer great customer service, and we are based in the U.S. You can contact us here today.

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