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You’re probably well acquainted with the benefits of GPS fleet tracking data and how it helps reduce operations time and makes your fleet more efficient, but what’s in it for your drivers? We’ve always preached the virtues of leadership in the fleet management business and how GPS vehicle tracking can help you become a better leader, but in this article, let’s look at things from the other perspective.

7 Key Benefits Of Fleet Tracking Systems For The Drivers

Enough with the reassuring talks and the “trust me” lines, a leader must be completely honest and transparent with their team. This article will help you do just that as we explore some of the key benefits for drivers in having their vehicles tracked by fleet tracking software like Fleetr.

Here we go:

Validation Of Their Claims

While the use of fleet tracking software is no news, many are still a bit reluctant to try out the GPS-based fleet management software available in the markets, and for many, the reason is being unable to convince their workers to comply. It is only natural for your delivers to feel a bit defensive in the matter (who likes to be monitored?)

However, GPS fleet tracking is not so much of a monitoring technique than it is a management tool.

And the most essential part of management is having minimal friction in the team. The biggest problem in the fleet business is not knowing if the logs and records are completely accurate or not, and this is a problem for the drivers as well.

Instead of letting an atmosphere of doubt brew up through your inaction, why not introduce more transparency through such fleet tracking solutions and never doubt a word that your drivers say because of the evidence supporting them?

That’s the foremost benefit of using a GPS fleet management system.

Equality For All Workers

The one thing every team member hates is nepotism. Everyone deserves praise where necessary, and no one should feel that their efforts are being invalidated or that they’re not being treated like everyone else. Managers can ensure this through GPS fleet management systems which will allow them to enjoy better transparency and thus treat the drivers based on merit.

Workers always thrive in an environment of equality as they realize that the only way to climb the ladder is through persistence and hard work.

Creation Of A Reward-Based System

Picking up after the previous point, since fleet management software show unadulterated and completely neutral performance data, why not spice this up with morale boosters? A reward-based system is always appreciated in every team.

You don’t have to go extravagant – it’s the gesture that matters the most (make your drivers feel appreciated) – you could declare that the top performer for every month will get an iTunes gift card.

No Need To Dig Through The Memory Tunnel

Drivers always have things tough. The routine, driving, traffic, weather, meeting deadlines, being punctual, and whatnot is enough stress already. Managers need not force them to remember every teeny tiny detail of their daily work (or that of a couple of days back).

Give them a break with GPS fleet tracking which creates automated data and thus eliminates your dependence on the memory retention of your drivers for things that matter.

Fewer Disturbances For The Drivers

Since drivers have already too much on their plates as-is, calling them again and again for an ETA (if your client asks for it) may be a bit too much.

Even your drivers will admit that they feel bothered being constantly bugged about where they are and how long it will take them to get to where they’re headed. Fortunately, with GPS fleet management software, managers don’t have to bug their workers anymore.

Since you can track the location and speed in real-time via GPS, not only will you be able to directly communicate with the client but also save lots of hassle for your drivers.

This time-saving feature can help you make your business much more streamlined and reduce the burden for your drivers.

Readily Available Assistance

Everyone runs into trouble, period.

Even drivers do, and things can get even worse if they don’t realize the gravity of the situation in time. The importance of fleet management in this regard cannot be overstated as it allows managers to jump in whenever they find out that their drivers are in distress.

If the onboard diagnosis report has pointed out some issue, you can inform your drivers about it before it becomes any bigger of a problem. If they’re lost and have no idea where to go, you can give bearings and make things much easier for them.

Thus the easy access to help also makes GPS fleet tracking highly effective as a team management asset which benefits not only the managers but the drivers as well.

Route Optimization Saves Time & Hassle

Lastly, comes the part that annoys everyone on the road: a wrong turn.

Not all routes are equal, some are more spacious and free-flowing while others get congested with vehicles and leave the drivers trapped in a sea of vehicles for some time – it not only takes away a good chunk of time but is also deeply stressful.

Better route planning and optimization (and last-minute rerouting) can help your drivers do their jobs easily and avoid mental stress all the same.

Thus both you and your workers will benefit from the inculcation of a GPS fleet tracking solution in your management model – be sure to discuss the idea with your drivers in a friendly and reassuring tone, and explain the merits to them. They will most likely get on board with minimal friction.

Fleetr Is The Perfect GPS Fleet Service For Small Businesses

Drivers are the backbone of every business with a transportation component, even the small ones. Everything that defines your business: punctuality, customer satisfaction, strategic business approach, and flawless management, all is reflected, in part, by the performance of your drivers.

The key benefits discussed in this article clearly show that fleet tracking is good for your drivers, just as it is for your business.

Now comes the next part…

If you’re looking for the perfect small-sized fleet management systems, then you can’t pass by Fleetr without a second look. No hidden fees, or device installation charges, or commitments, or contracts – no hassle whatsoever, if that doesn’t say the best, then we don’t know what does.

Contact us today and join the thousands of business owners who’ve shot their profits up with our GPS fleet tracking software!

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