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Five Reasons to Start Using GPS Tracking for Your Fleet

By June 24, 2020January 13th, 2021No Comments

You have a successful business and depend on your drivers and vehicles daily. They seem to be doing a good job, but you sometimes wonder about the following:

  • Are my drivers actually at the job site? What are they doing with my vehicle after hours?
  • How safe are they driving and how could their driving be improved to reduce my liability?
  • Can I save money? Be it in fuel savings from idling, or reduced maintenance costs?

If these questions seem familiar, you should consider a GPS fleet tracking solution. These solutions can deliver significant value in the following ways:

  1. Track your vehicles and your drivers. A good GPS fleet tracking solution will allow you to know, at any point in time, where your drivers are. This includes working hours and off hours. You can know, at a click of a button, if your driver is on the job, or the way to a job, or maybe taking a break.
  2. Improve the driving habits of your drivers. Safe driving impacts the bottom line immediately in terms of insurance costs and vehicle life. It is really important that you understand if your drivers are speeding, doing harsh accelerations, or hard stops. Having this information at your fingertips allows you to have a fact based conversation with your drivers and to set expectations.
  3. Maintain your vehicles properly: Staying on top of vehicle maintenance in terms of oil changes, brake replacements and tire rotations can add 25% to your engine life and up to three years for your vehicle usage. Maintenance schedules are sometimes hard to follow. In addition, as an owner, it is hard to know when engine lights go off. Having a solution that alerts you to schedule maintenance or addresses urgent needs can extend the life of you vehicles significantly.
  4. Save money on fuel: Idling and speeding can cost a lot of money, up to $100 per vehicle per month. These are low hanging fruit that you should address immediately. A good GPS tracking solution can quickly identify which drivers may be wasting fuel and how they can reduce the waste.
  5. Peace of mind! A state of the art, easy to use GPS tracking solution can give you the peace of mind that your drivers are working and driving safely. It ensures that you are not leaving any money on the table from fuel overuse and lack of maintenance.

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