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3 Major Business Problems That GPS Tracking Devices Can Solve

By November 11, 2021No Comments

In modern life, the demand for GPS tracking devices has grown large because many company
owners try to solve common problems which can be detrimental to their businesses such as
tracking drivers and monitoring safety. According to statistics, the market for GPS tracking
devices is blooming.

For instance, as of 2020 the universal tracking device was valued at $1.78 billion and is
believed to reach $4.93 billion by 2028, registering an annual growth rate of 12.3% within the
space of seven years. This is because these systems provide many benefits which will be
discussed in this article.

#1. Wasted Time

Have you ever been in a situation where your fleet vehicles are idling instead of moving towards
the next job? For example, a driver is taking a long lunch break, or doing errands on the clock?

This is one of the benefits you get while using a GPS tracking device. It can tell you where your
drivers are, and whether they are on a job, on the route, or doing something else.

Also, if your driver finds it difficult to make it to their destination, the GPS system can help you
figure that out, and notify the customer.

#2. Excessive Damages and Repairs

Different vehicles have different problems and this is one of the major economic problems that
small businesses suffer today. They pay for excessive damages and repairs due to a lack of
proper maintenance.

If you have a GPS fleet tracking system on your vehicles, it can create a schedule for regular
maintenance for your vehicles and this helps keep your fleets in service. Additionally, making
use of this system can prolong the life span and productivity of your vehicles in years.

#3. Wasted Fuel

Fuel is a necessity in business and it’s a major problem especially for companies that have a
variety of vehicles. It can be wasted in different ways like being in traffic jams, idling, and drivers
deviating from the assigned work.

The main reason why vehicles burn a lot of fuel is due to rapid acceleration and driving above
the speed limit. With the help of GPS tracking devices, you can monitor the entire behavior of
your driver and therefore reduce expenses on fuel and decreases exposure to damages.

Frequent Questions Asked

What is a GPS Tracking Device?

GPS is short for a global positioning system. It involves a network of satellites moving around
the earth and devices that allows users to monitor and navigate a vehicle asset or a person.

It’s different from inbuilt car navigation. It gives a computerized system that shows drivers’
location on a digital map, GPS trackers also provide instructions for drivers to get to a
designated point.

How Does it Work?

GPS trackers connect to satellites in order to determine locations. In a vehicle, it works by
powering the onboard diagnostics (OBD-11), a lighter, or an internal battery. The information
data it collects is then transferred to the software that allows the user to monitor and examine
the data.

How to Get a GPS Tracking Device

There are many companies that sell and offer assistance in GPS services, However, the Fleetr
tracking service is one of the best companies to look out for. We offer amazing features and our
services are top-notch

Who is Fleetr?

Fleetr is the leader in GPS tracking solutions for small businesses. We have built an Ai powered
platform that provides driver and vehicle data to fleet owners. In partnership with our parent
company in Latin America, we are proud to serve over 30,000 connected vehicles as of 2021.

We are located in Los Altos California, the heart of silicon valley. We believe in data-driven and
safe mobility. Also, we believe that our diverse, passionate team combined with our hunger for
improving customers’ operations is the way we generate value.

Fleetr is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jooycar, a global leader in Lot-based automotive
telematics. Jooycar currently has offices in four countries and is expanding rapidly. Fleetr is
backed by venture capital, led by HCS capital partners.

Our management team brings expertise from top technology companies, insurance companies,
consumer goods businesses, and leading consultancies.


The uses of a GPS tracking device are so vast that it’s difficult to cover ways that it can be
uniquely suited to your needs. Contact us today, let’s discuss your business procedures and
ways GPS tracking services can be of help to you.

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