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GPS Tracking Reduces Risk and Liability

By December 7, 2020February 16th, 2021No Comments
Tracking your fleet from the Fleetr App

Real-time GPS tracking helps monitor aggressive and unsafe driving behavior. The result is reducing risk and the likelihood of a collision, saving maintenance and downtime costs. The average cost of a crash involving injury is around $70,000. GPS tracking software also saves companies on liability payments that can reach into the millions of dollars. It can also help prevent the untold amounts of reputational costs that come due to the negative publicity. 

GPS fleet tracking can help support current or new policies that have real consequences for not abiding by them. Safety policies should include the data you will use from the GPS tracking device and a clear outline of behavioral expectations.

You can include scenarios like a three strike and your out rule regarding speeding violations. Some companies also implement regulations based on a driver scorecard feature that includes other data, such as rapid acceleration and harsh braking.

Source: Staff, AF. “5 Ways GPS Tracking Can Benefit Your Business.” Telematics – Automotive Fleet, 19 June 2019, (MLA citation)

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