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GPS Tracking Increases Driver Accountability

By December 7, 2020February 16th, 2021No Comments

Driver accountability isn’t about implicating drivers or monitoring their every move. However, football coaches use game film to review with their players. Sales managers review phone calls with sales representatives to improve their performance. You should also have the capability to evaluate and improve driver behavior to make sure they are running at max efficiency and productivity.

You need the visibility provided by a fleet management system to see that employees are arriving to their destinations on time, not taking the scenic route, and not padding their hours.

Fleet tracking doesn’t only have to benefit the company. It’s a tool that can reward good driver behavior and improve employee retention. Using gamification is an effective way to do this. It’s as simple as running a monthly or quarterly contest, and whoever has the least amount of idle time will receive an X amount of a bonus, or receive a Visa gift card. These methods have proven to work for those who have invested in a vehicle tracking system.

Vehicle and asset tracking can also help management identify unauthorized after-hours use utilizing the geo-fence feature. This functionality ensures that employees do not use vehicles and assets for personal reasons, side jobs, or in other ways that could reflect negatively on the company. Geo-fences are digital lines that you can draw around points of interest, such as a yard, jobsite, or your business headquarters. Alerts are available that can notify you in real-time when vehicles or assets leave these zones. 

Utilizing location tracking and real-time alerts that send notifications is also a way to curb poor driving behavior the moment it occurs.

Source: Staff, AF. “5 Ways GPS Tracking Can Benefit Your Business.” Telematics – Automotive Fleet, 19 June 2019, (MLA citation)

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