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GPS Fleet Monitoring Solution For Small Business

The utility of GPS and telematics in boosting transparency and driving up profitability in the transportation business is no news. People have adapted to the idea quite well, and while some are reluctant, this friction stems more from financial concerns than practical ones.

However, in recent years, GPS fleet tracking has begun spreading its sphere of influence and now small businesses are the new target.

The technology is not cheap but vehicle tracking solutions have come up that offer the services for very nominal per-month rates. Fleetr is at the forefront of this transformation as it specifically targets small businesses seeking GPS fleet tracking software and hardware for their vehicles, no matter how small their fleet is.

We offer complete control to our clients and don’t bother them with pesky contracts or activation charges or hidden fees – all of these have been the major hurdles for the acceptance of GPS fleet management software in the small businesses sphere.

However, we intend to change this.

GPS Tracking Systems For Vehicles & Drivers

Before we go on and explain how Fleetr is the perfect GPS fleet monitoring solution for small businesses, let’s see what this whole fleet tracking thing is and how it can make a difference.

As the heading makes it abundantly clear, the idea is to track your assets and your workers.

Your business depends on both of them – so don’t slip here.

The basic principle of any GPS fleet tracking software is to visually display the position of your fleet vehicles on a real-time map of the locality you operate in. This happens because there’s a tracking device plugged into the vehicle which transmits wireless signals pointing towards its location.

These signals are picked on by the satellites of the global positioning system (or simply GPS) which transmit them to your end. Through a wireless transfer of data, which takes no more than a fraction of a second, you will see what’s happening at your end of the screen.

Though the technology itself is much more complicated than what has been described, on your end of the screen, the data will be simple to understand – thus you need not worry about lacking the technical knowledge to operate a GPS fleet management software because you don’t need any.

All you need to do is to sign up for a GPS tracking system, install the device, download the app, and get tracking – it’s that simple!

But why should you?

To answer this, let’s explore in detail the merits of having a fleet tracking system:

Better Visibility

The whole point with tracking a fleet via GPS is to enjoy better visibility. By this, we mean that you’ll know the exact answers of when, where, why, and how – regarding every stage of the operation. You can monitor the performance of your workers and ensure that all of your tasks get done efficiently.

GPS vehicle tracking solutions allow managers to not only save time by not having to call every driver and seek updates but also allows them to avoid relying on someone’s honesty. Drivers have, in many cases, used company time and vehicle for their own interests.

No one has a problem with drivers having side gigs, but this should not happen during duty hours. You can preempt this by simply looking at the travel history of each vehicle. This way, you’ll also find ways to conserve fuel and make the process more time-efficient.

Drivers Will Be More Proactive

With a sense of accountability – and with the manual logs and registers out of the way – drivers will make it a point to act at their best. This is a direct result of enhanced visibility, however, your attitude as a manager also makes a huge impact.

If you act like a leader rather than a boss, you can expect more from your team.

The point is: don’t look down upon your drivers like lab rats being monitored via GPS, instead, show them how the tracking solution can make things more streamlined for both sides.

Show them how this enhanced productivity will help them grow professionally and how the company will reward them for this growth.

Technology can only help you so much, the rest is up to your leadership skills.

Better Scheduling & Route Planning

Another aspect of the transportation business is route planning. There may be a dozen of courses your drivers can adopt to get to where they’re headed but not all of them may be fuel-efficient or suitable for conserving time.

Through smart route planning, you can make your transportation much smoother and streamlined. You can avoid busier roads, and if there’s been an accident somewhere, you can redirect your fleet vehicles to save your drivers the hassle of navigating through a busy route.

Route planning and optimization are guaranteed to bring up profitability and allow you to better serve your clients. With higher customer satisfaction (punctuality will be a major factor here), your business will see tremendous growth.

Then there’s the scheduling – you will have a much better idea of assigning time slots to various clients based on where your vehicles are headed and what will be the route map for the day. This way, you’ll avoid over-burdening your drivers and keeping your clients waiting.

More Control

Another consequence of better visibility is having more control over how things run. For instance, if you come across some last-minute updates on a job that was supposed to go one way but went the other – you can respond immediately.

Perhaps the client shifted the appointment to the next day or maybe there’s some urgent need of your professionals near to where your drivers are headed. In the ever-sophisticated modern world, you never know when and how things deviate from plan.

But by knowing where your drivers are and how you can reroute them, you’ll be able to assert more control. You can also monitor fuel usage and ensure that none of it is wasted, similarly, you can ensure that your drivers are obeying all the traffic laws and that the safety protocol is not being compromised.

If you notice any deviation, it’s only a matter of a phone call.

Enhanced Communications

The optimal level of communication lies somewhere between that annoying spot where you’re bugging your drivers with constant follow-up calls and not contacting them at all. You can eliminate the need for the former by knowing where the drivers are at a given time – which is what managers call to ask.

Then there’s the deficit of communication – of course, you shouldn’t disturb the drivers at any time, but if you feel like something needs to be said, say it. With all the data at your disposal and complete transparency, you will know when it is important to communicate something.

This way, you can close the gap between you and your drivers, without being annoying.

Safety Assured

Another major concern that fleet management systems help address is safety. Just as you have to keep your drivers performing at optimal levels, you must also assure their safety and that of your assets. You can do both with a solid tracking solution for your fleets and drivers.

Companies have long employed GPS to safeguard their assets and workers.

Even small businesses can use such tools to keep track of their drivers’ movements, warn them of any impending danger (i.e. an urgent maintenance issue that may result in an accident), and assisting them from your end if they run into trouble.

The live location updates of your vehicle will also ensure that you never lose track of your assets. And since most states demand that you display a sticker on your vehicle showing that it has a GPS tracker in it, you can rest assured that no crook will eye your vehicle for a steal.

Better Protection Of Company Interests

Lastly, your business interests are at stake whenever you send a driver off with your car.

Whatever happens on the road will be considered partly your fault. You may think of it as unfair but this is a huge factor in accident cases. If your driver crashes into someone’s vehicle, you’ll have to pay for the damages (if it is an at-fault state).

You can avoid this by ensuring adherence to all safe traffic practices on the road. If you notice that your driver is over-speeding or driving aggressively (you’ll be notified if that happens), you can and should contact them immediately and ask them to act more responsibly.

This way, you can ensure that your business interests are not sabotaged by sudden disaster.

Fleetr – The Perfect GPS Tracking Solution For Small Businesses

Now that we’ve established the importance of fleet tracking and proven that small businesses can also get the most out of these systems, let’s move on and explore what Fleetr has to offer. This unique fleet management tool has been specifically for smaller fleets.

This means that you won’t have to worry about exorbitant fees or hidden charges or expensive technology. Instead, everything has been designed to facilitate you and to ensure that your business benefits as much as possible through the integration of Fleetr.

Here’s how we make it possible:

Real-Time Tracking

The real potential of Fleetr lies in its ability to deliver real-time updates on a vehicle’s location. Some fleet trackers can only send interval updates, meaning that you’ll see the position of your fleet after fixed intervals rather than noticing them move as they do.

However, with real-time tracking, it’s as if you’re sitting right next to the drivers as they navigate through the streets. Real-time location tracking works exactly like it sounds: you see an icon on your screen, moving on a real-time map, and this way, you never phase-out of the operation.

The biggest advantage of this technology is that you can see whether your fleet vehicles are moving or not. Idling is one of the major causes of fuel wastage, and you can counter it through real-time tracking.

Knowing where your drivers are exactly at a given time will also make rerouting or re-planning the schedule much easier than otherwise.

Complete Details Of Every Trip

Being a fleet manager, you must be completely aware of all that goes around with your fleet. You can’t make compromises regarding information – the more you know, the better. Your job is to improve the customer experience however possible.

If your drivers are punctual, that’s a step in the right direction.

But there’s much more to managing a fleet. You need to ensure the safety of your drivers and assets, appropriate driving behavior on the road, and efficient usage of company time. All of this is only possible if you can identify flaws and problems that are keeping your business from achieving so as-is.

Fleetr will help you point out these areas, but the improvement part is on your shoulders.

Automated Driver Records

Reliance on manual logs and records will get your business anywhere.

While you should not question someone’s honesty, there is no reason for you to rely upon it either. The harsh truth of business is that only the results matter – intentions, not so much. You have to eliminate any friction that the drivers have with your protocol.

Ensure on-time arrivals at the client’s place, and make sure that you ask those who fail to do so consistently. Having automated records will also rule out the possibility of your drivers denying their negligence in a matter – you will have ample proof to back up your claims.

Based on this data, you should reward good work and counsel those who perform poorly.

As a leader, you will be able to command a much respectful position and demand better performance from your workers if you create a reward-based system.

Tracking Fuel Usage

Fuel consumption is inevitable in any business involving a transportation component. However, fuel wastage can cause serious financial drains for your setup in any given year. While the wastage may be minor at any given instance, the impacts will be great when totaled up.

You can prevent losses in this area by monitoring fuel usage and finding ways to conserve it.

The most important drain is in the form of poor route choice. If your drivers take the long way to get to somewhere, you’ll lose both time and money – both of which are precious for your business. Route planning and optimization can help you here.

Similarly, idling is a constant financial drain. Fleetr will point out drivers that are idling, and you can ask them to avoid doing so.

Over-speeding is another cause, and once again Fleetr is the solution.

No Hidden Fees, Activation Charges, or Contracts

Fleetr subscription is as simple and transparent as things get in the transportation business. You won’t have to deal with any hidden fees or activation charges. Usually, companies advertise a certain billing amount, prompting users to sign up for their product.

However, it is revealed only afterward that the installation charges and activation fees will be charged separately. And then you’ll come across a ton of fleet tracking companies that offer the services with a minimum count for vehicles and a fixed minimum period, as dictated by their contracts.

We feel that restricting the choice of our clients does not go with the excellence of our services. Instead, we believe in retaining our clients by offering them complete transparency, not binding them with any contracts, and not keeping any charges or fees hidden.

You pay $9.99 per month for a vehicle and that’s it!

Easy Installation & Simple Working

Did we mention that the Fleetr tracking device is covered in that $9.99 monthly rent? Well, it is!

The installation is nothing to worry about either: simply plug in the device with your vehicle (plug-and-play system), install our app, and get tracking.

Through this simplicity, we have made fleet tracking a reality for small businesses and most of our clients have reported a significant increase in the quality of their operations management.

Fleetr is simple and effective, no matter how you look at it.

Bottom Line

Not only does Feetr make GPS tracking highly productive and cost-efficient, but it does not demand much from your side as well. Fleetr is meant to be simple and effective at the same time, and this is the reason for its success so far.

We’re connecting well over 20,000 vehicles, over our network, with their managers. The results, up until now, have been excellent. Our customer-friendly policy, coupled with the utility of Fleetr technology, has allowed us to win the trust of many small businesses.

You can be next!

Just contact us today, and we’ll show you how Fleetr can help you streamline your business further.

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