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As a leader in GPS tracking solutions, Fleetr is proud to bring a simple, effective, and affordable fleet tracking solution to fleet owners. Our GPS fleet tracking system makes effective fleet management easier than ever before. Start tracking today with no hassle. With Fleetr, there are no contracts or hidden fees, and the device plus shipping is completely free! Setup is quick and painless, and you will start seeing the benefits of working with our company fast. Save time and money by optimizing driver routes and maintenance schedules. By using our app, you will have all of the important information about your fleet at your fingertips.


fleet management saving operational timeBy using the Fleetr tracking system, fleet owners will be able to quickly and easily track their vehicles and drivers in real time. This is all done through a simple, clean, and easy-to-read interface on either your mobile phone or desktop computer. Get the full trip history for all of your fleet vehicles. This includes exact start/end points, trip routes and duration, and the time and date they occurred. With the help of Fleetr, fleet managers will be able to keep track of where fleet drivers are going, and can use this data to optimize routes, in turn saving on time, fuel, and maintenance costs.


Helping You Efficiently Manage Your Enterprise Fleet


The Fleetr system helps fleet owners become more efficient, saving increasingly more time and money in the long run. The simplicity and efficiency of the system is the true value of Fleetr for GPS fleet vehicle tracking. Our technology is especially useful to small and medium-sized fleet owners, due to its affordability, ease of use, and simple installation.


To get the most out of Fleetr, all that is required is installing the necessary hardware and software to track your fleet. This entire process takes less than 20 minutes and is broken down into just 3 simple steps.


  • Step 1: Plug in the device to your vehicles


Quite simply, installing the Fleetr GPS tracking technology just boils down to plugging in the device. Our GPS fleet tracking device connects directly to the OBD port on your vehicles (OBD stands for “on-board diagnostics”). The OBD port is the connection area which lets the vehicle owner plug in OBD tool, such as the Fleeter device, directly into the vehicle. The device is able to obtain valuable information, like the vehicle speed and current location. Just plug in the Fleetr OBD II device and you are done! No need to go through the hassle of professional installation. Now, you can just do it yourself! Need help finding the OBD port on your fleet vehicles? Check out this helpful OBD port locator tool.


  • Step 2: Install our mobile app


Device installed and now ready to track? Keep track of your fleet and see valuable info pertaining to all your vehicles and drivers through our easy-to-use mobile phone application. Our mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices and is just a one-click download from the App Store or Google Play. Just download the app and you will be ready to begin! Our user-friendly app is compatible with all desktop operating systems. It presents users with the data they need in a smooth and easy-to-read way, so you will understand the tracking data in simple terms and won’t be bogged down with a complicated user interface.


  • Step 3: Begin tracking


That’s all it takes! In less than 20 minutes, your fleet will be outfitted with top-of-the-line GPS tracking so you can keep track of your fleet vehicles and drivers. With minimal investment and no unnecessary wasted time, the Fleetr vehicle tracking device and application allows you to track and collect valuable data that will help you optimize your fleet management and save time and money in the long term.


The Real-Time Data You Need – Fleeter Makes It Simple


fleet tracker app smartphoneWith one convenient dashboard, you can see statistics from your fleet at a glance, keeping you always in control and in the know. You’ll have the full history of your fleets and drivers so you will be properly informed when it comes to making important fleet management decisions. At Fleetr, we are taking fleet tracking into the modern age, with quick and easy self-install hardware, and an AI-powered mobile app with a simple, yet powerful interface. We aim to provide unparalleled value, all while keeping it easy for the people who are managing the fleet. Our experience with fleet management and management applications makes us a valuable ally, whether you are venturing into the world of GPS vehicle tracking for the first time, or are looking to revamp your current fleet management solution.


Optimize your approach to managing your fleet by utilizing the power of our GPS fleet tracking devices. All it takes is plugging in the device to your vehicle’s OBD port and downloading the app. After this, you are up and running and ready to begin tracking your fleet efficiently. With no need to schedule and hire a professional installation, and absolutely no hidden fees, there is nothing to lose. Implement the Fleetr system into your business today! Ideal for small business fleets, we will ship the fleet tracking device to you absolutely free. Need more information, feel free to check out some of the informative content on our blog. We serve clients who own an array of small to medium-sized fleets, and our client base is growing every day. More and more businesses are benefitting from the Fleetr fleet GPS system, and joining them is easy. If you have any questions on how our innovative digital fleet management products can benefit your business, feel free to give us a call at (415)-651-7575.


What are People Saying About Fleetr


At Fleetr, we work every day to push forward the future of fleet tracking. Fleeter makes fleet tracking simple and painless, and our affordable solutions have been a game-changer for already over 20,000 connected vehicles. Read a few testimonials from our valued customers on how Fleetr helps them manage their fleet vehicles more efficiently:


“With the help of Fleetr I can see directly what is happening to the trucks and how they are used by our workers. Everything happens in real-time which is a plus and even a necessity for any business. I recommend this app, it is really efficient and good value for the money!”


  • Michele Terrell, Fleetr customer


“Fleetr is a professional company. We can check our company fuel usage and identify cost savings. It also helped us to increase our business productivity. This app is super helpful. I encourage you to buy it for your peace of mind and for cost savings.”


  • Angela Cady, Fleetr customer


The Fleet Tracking Advantage


Fleet management is not just about installing a GPS tracking device on your business vehicles. Rather, the true appeal of effective fleet management is the money it can help you save over time. Businesses who take advantage of our fleet tracking solution see a measurable return on investment when it comes to fuel savings, reduced maintenance costs and more. If you take the time to install our fleet tracking device, it can lead to a savings in many areas. Cutting idle time, encouraging safe driving, and creating optimal routes for your drivers can all lead to savings in the long run. Curious on how exactly Fleetr can help you to save? Take a look at the Fleetr ROI calculator on this page.


Reducing idle time helps by leading to less frequent maintenance trips and trips to the fuel station. This helps you create the most optimal routes for your drivers, optimizing their time and reducing maintenance/operational costs. Also, with Fleetr’s real time alerts for speeding, hard braking, and abrupt acceleration, you can monitor your drivers to see if they are driving safely. This helps keep drivers safe and helps to avoid any potentially costly vehicle accidents. With Fleet’s fleet safety alerts, you can help to foster a better all-around experience for you and your drivers. While GPS fleet tracking is about working and managing your fleet optimally in order to cut costs, it can also improve workflow and the overall efficiency of your day to day business driving. Make the best decision for your fleet, learn more about the Fleetr system today.


Get Started with Fleetr’s GPS Tracking Software


If you think your business would benefit from our GPS fleet tracking technology, find out more today. We help fleet owners track their fleet with real time updates and trip history tracking for all vehicles. With alerts for hard braking and fast acceleration, you can monitor your drivers and keep them safe with by encouraging good driving practices. Additionally, Fleetr gives fleet managers the ability to optimize routes in order to get the most return when it comes to fuel savings.


At Fleetr, we are here to help you implement our technology into all of your vehicles. Our product makes fleet tracking easy and affordable for all businesses. If you are a small business, Fleetr’s GPS tracking device and app is the ideal choice at just $9.99 per vehicle. Start fleet tracking today and make the most of your fleet. Are you ready to increase your efficiency and change the way your fleet tracking is done for good? Contact our team at Fleetr today and ask us any questions that you may have. Based in Silicon Valley, but serving business fleets across the world, we are at the cutting edge of fleet management technology. Our mission is improving our client’s operations and generating value with our AI-based platform. Our data-driven fleet tracking insights are second to none, and we are here to help you take your fleet tracking to the next level.



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