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Fleetr Product Overview

The process of tracking a fleet means more than just simply keeping an eye on your vehicles around the clock. For a growing business, it means gathering and collecting data that can potentially improve the company’s day-to-day processes and protect its most important resources.

Fleetr recognizes that fleet management goes way beyond tracking. We offer customers products that cater to different needs and goals but products that can scale with the business as it grows. Today, we’ll give you an overview of Fleetr’s fleet management products and how they can help your business.

Perfect For Your Data Collection Needs

In today’s modern times, data is considered a potent tool. Companies that can collect essential company data and transform that data into accessible and usable info can give business owners valuable insight into their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Fleetr’s GPS tracking system provides fleet managers with important information about vehicle usage. By tracking your vehicles, you can determine and store vehicle routes and even determine how long the journey took and what time they got there. You can see how many stops your driver has taken and how much time they spent at each stop. Through this data, you can get the following information:

  • Are your driver idle times reasonable? Or does it feel like they take a long time at each rest stop?
  • Are your vehicles cost-efficient, meaning are you getting your money’s worth with them?
  • How much fuel does your fleet consume regularly?
  • Are your drivers observing proper safety protocols and traffic laws while on the road?

Because the data is delivered in real-time, you can respond to problems and inefficiencies quickly. With the feedback you’re constantly getting from your GPS tracking devices, you can make changes to your company’s policies, determine the most critical metrics for your company’s growth and make informed decisions regarding business purchases.

Save Money On Fuel Consumption and Vehicle Maintenance

One of the biggest concerns of any company is to maximize profits while minimizing costs. As a result, businesses are prone to spending money on investments that don’t have a good return and are inefficient at relevant business costs. For fleets, this usually means money spent on fuel and regular maintenance.

Fleets need fuel to run; however, companies usually spend more on fuel than they need to. Businesses can always reduce fuel costs, but they first need to determine where inefficiencies are and why

Reducing Fuel Consumption

The usual culprit for inefficient fuel consumption is idle time. Fuel is used inefficiently when your vehicles are stuck in traffic because the engine is left running. However, the car isn’t moving anywhere. So your drivers could be wasting fuel every time they make a rest stop and idle around while they leave the engine running.

Fleetr’s GPS tracking device can pinpoint where the engine is left running while the vehicle isn’t running and for how long. This helps you, the fleet manager, determine what your next steps are. For example, you can update company policies to be stricter against idle times, or you can find better routes for your vehicles where they won’t run into traffic.

Save Money on Maintenance Costs

Early, preventive maintenance has been proven to reduce operating costs for a business. This is because regular maintenance ensures that your vehicles are always in great shape. Without proper care, car parts will slowly degrade, increasing the risk of vehicles breaking down in the middle of the route and possibly causing an accident. Car parts that have degraded significantly cost more to repair because part replacement becomes a possibility. You may also incur additional costs from vehicle repair if accidents happen. This could be avoided with regular maintenance.

Fleetr’s GPS tracking system allows you to label each tracker and schedule maintenance dates for each vehicle. This will enable you to schedule a different frequency for each vehicle for your fleet so that frequently used vehicles have shorter intervals between maintenance. Suppose your fleet has other assets in need of regular maintenance. In that case, Fleetr also offers asset trackers, which can be installed not only on vehicles but also on machinery, equipment, and other assets.

Help Your Fleet Stay Compliant

Companies with commercial vehicles need to follow a lot of regulations on both state and federal levels. Unfortunately, while it’s always important to follow the rules, many fleet managers often fail to do so unintentionally because larger fleets are challenging to oversee all at once without proper technology. With Fleetr’s fleet management system, you can ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and all your vehicles are up to code.

Driver Work Hours

Drivers of short-haul services can only work up to 14 hours and within the range of 150 air-mile radii. However, this driving window can be extended by 2 hours when driving in extreme conditions as drivers are encouraged to go slower and more carefully during these situations. Drivers are also obligated to take 30-minute breaks after being on the road for 8 hours.

With GPS tracking, fleet managers can check if their drivers follow regulations from the comfort of their offices. It can provide you with the following important information:

  • The exact time of route start
  • The precise time of arrival
  • Total time of each trip
  • Locations where the vehicle has stopped temporarily
  • How long the vehicle stayed at each stop

Because the data is collected and organized automatically, drivers cannot doctor their times to work more and earn more money even if they have reached their hours of service limits.

Driver Safety Score

The Department of Transportation places a lot of importance on driver safety. It has regulations that motivate companies to look out for their drivers. Aside from obligating companies to stick to the Hours of Service rules, laws also hold companies responsible for the actions of their employees. For example, suppose their drivers cause accidents due to recklessness or negligence. In that case, the company can be held liable for damages incurred.

Fleetr’s Driver Safety Scorecard protects companies from running into legal problems because of reckless drivers. With the GPS tracking system, the app looks out for potentially dangerous driving behavior such as:

  • Rapid acceleration
  • Speeding
  • Sudden turns
  • Hard Braking

The system tallies each incident of risky driving behavior and assigns a safety score to each driver. Drivers who receive a score of 67 and above are considered good drivers. Any driver who gets a score below 33 needs to be given the necessary feedback immediately, and re-training should be considered.

Using this driver safety scorecard, you can ensure that your drivers are safe on the road and you minimize the risk of legal implications due to vehicular accidents.

Fleet Management Solutions That Fit Your Business Needs

Fleetr’s fleet management solutions can fit any business model and size. Even a small business can take advantage of the tracking and data collecting capabilities of fleet tracking. Aside from the minimal cost, the only expense you need to worry about is the upfront cost of each device your purchase. Because Fleetr sells devices by the piece and not by the bundle, you can purchase only the exact number of devices you need for the business and purchase more for each new asset that needs tracking.

Whether you need easy-to-install GPS tracking services solely for vehicles or have a variety of equipment requiring a more generalized asset tracking solution, Fleetr has the perfect products for your needs. Contact us today and let us know about your specific goals and needs to give you customized solutions that work best for your business.

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