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Fleet Management for Small Service Companies

If you’re an owner or manager of a small fleet company, there’s no better time than now to become a part of Fleetr. It’s the best service available for companies with fleets of 100 vehicles or less. Don’t worry, we’ll get to why and where you can save. But first, let us entice you with this. Proper fleet management is super important when it comes to running your business. What’s the best way to manage your company and handle your equipment? By incorporating fleet tracking software into your business structure!

According to a Fleet Technology Trends Report conducted in 2021, 32% of fleets that use tracking software saw a positive return of investment in just six months. Plus, Verizon conducted a survey that found fleets using fleet management software could save around $51,000 a year! So how does a small business owner like yourself get in on these great savings, we are here to tell you.

How The Fleetr Service Works

Fleetr is the go-to service for small fleet businesses. It’s an easy-to-use app/software that truly does give you the best amount of savings. Using GPS tracking software will allow you to pinpoint drivers in real-time. Here’s how it works:

  • Head to the website
  • Purchase your $9.99 monthly subscription
  • Receive the Fleetr device for free when you purchase your subscription
  • Plug-in the device into the OBD II port in the vehicle, this is located under the steering wheel
  • Download the app, it’s available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, it’s compatible with all smartphones and desktop operating systems
  • Start tracking and saving!

Fleetr provides its own data plan that gives coverage across the U.S. There’s also no long-term commitment or contracts, so you can decide to leave anytime you want. Did we forget to mention, shipping is also free! Fleet management has never been easier or more affordable.

Types Of Data You Will Receive

Now you know how the service works, you’re probably wondering what you’ll get with the software. This is how you’ll start saving, by knowing important data that’s sent directly back to you through the app.

  • Diagnostics: Your vehicle’s sensors will send an error message when it notices a malfunction, such as the check engine light.
  • Speed: Accurate speed readings will be provided for each vehicle in a fleet.
  • Location: GPS data will be sent to you to provide vehicle location.

This type of data will allow you to keep drivers and roads safe, maintenance up on equipment properly, and save on fuel, administrative, and other costs.

Another great aspect of the Fleetr software is it provides you weekly with reports and scoring for efficiency and driver performance. Scores that are 67 and higher will be considered efficient. Scores that are 33 or under indicate problems with your drivers that should be considered by fleet owners.

Small Business Friendly

There are tons of major fleet operations, but there’s also smaller ones who need software more tailored to their businesses equipment. That’s exactly what Fleetr is for. If your fleet operations have one to 100 vehicles, this is the ideal software for you to use.

Fleetr created its app for smaller businesses, catering its service for up to 100 vehicles max. The majority of other softwares will force higher minimums or bigger monthly fees even if you don’t have a larger fleet. Fleetr lets you decide how many vehicles you’d like to service, and that’s exactly what you pay for.

Check out this review!

“I started with Fleetr recently. I own a small plumbing company, and safety and tracking are really important. I looked for a long time for an easy to use app to manage my fleet. My old one was really hard to figure out and was not good on the iPhone. Fleetr is much easier to use.”

-AME**N Cooling and Plumbing, CA

Us Vs. The Competition

As mentioned above, we are a beneficial solution for smaller fleet operations. Not all GPS software for fleet businesses are equal, especially when it’s between software targeted for larger fleets. Let’s look at some differences between the competition.

  • Application/Software- Other competitors software might not be up-to-date with the times. Meaning you can’t access it from a smart device. With Fleetr you have full mobility, so no need to constantly be waiting for data, you can access information no matter where you are.
  • Special Integration– With all kinds of GPS fleet tracking software on the market, you need to find one that meets your specific needs as a small business. For example, Fleetr has fewer fuel cards to track rather than software systems on the larger end, that makes it easier to keep track of that type of data. No need for unnecessary integrations in the software that make your job harder.
  • Customer Service– Fleetr crushes the competition when it comes to customer service! We are U.S.-based and offer customer support services at your convenience, whether that be chat, voice, or email. We will respond to your inquires in a timely manner.
  • Safety First- On top of helping small business owners save money, we are also all about safety. While driver’s can potentially face hazardous situations, putting their lives at risk, and the dangers of the road. We notify you when any issues arise so you can be one step ahead if anything were to happen, insurance companies prefer when businesses with fleets use GPS tracking software, and most will offer discounts if you have it!

Ways You Will Save

Now, it’s time to get to your savings! We’re here to pinpoint exactly where and how you will save by using Fleetr. There’s three major ways you could save, and that’s in fuel, maintenance, and employee productivity.

  • Fuel Savings- When working with a smaller fleet that has only a few or 100 vehicles, it costs a lot to fill those tanks up! Idling, aggressive driving, and wasting fuel at the pump are major reasons for high fuel costs. But, this can easily be avoided thanks to the Fleetr service! Alerts from the data tracking system will tell drivers to shut off their engine after a specified amount of idle time passes. The system also will send alerts about aggressive driving behaviors and allow you to monitor how much fuel a driver uses through reports, so you will know instantly if they’re using the right amount.
  • Maintenance and Repair- Keep the cost down on repairs with Fleetr! Alerts will be sent straight to your device if any issues arise within your fleet. The service allows you to see the status of each vehicle’s battery life, miles left until maintenance should be done, when an oil change is required, and if brake pads are wearing out.
  • Employee Productivity- The device that comes with your Fleetr subscription will allow you to track employees, verify their hours, and find out if they’re being productive or unproductive. Think of it as an employee’s time card, except with the ease of the app, you’ll know if they’re taking any extra breaks or unwarranted stops.
  • Administrative Costs-as a small business owner, you most likely have a lot on your plate, including tons of paperwork. Well, cut back on that and step into the 21st century with Fleetr. You can retrieve all the information you need to maintain your fleet operations right in the palm of your hand with the Fleetr software! As a small business, you can’t waste money or time, so let the app handle this part for you.

Next Steps

It really is just this simple! An ideal solution for small businesses that have trouble keeping track of their fleets. And if you decide to cancel, we ask you to just send your device back, and that’s all, no hidden fees whatsoever! You can learn more about Fleetr here. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, we are here to help make your small business run smoother.

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