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Easy Steps For Setting Up Fleet Tracking On A Vehicle

Setting up your GPS tracking system is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business because this will change the way you manage your fleet of vehicles. Fleet management is not restricted to old, outdated practices anymore – you don’t have to constantly phone call your drivers for locational updates (and still have no clue as to whether or not they’re telling the truth about where they are exactly at a given moment). Now, you have GPS tracking, driver behavior monitoring, maintenance alerts, idling notifications, and more – it is all just a tap/click away!

Fleet management has never been as effective and as accessible in history as it is in the present. It is no wonder that an increasingly high number of entrepreneurs in the transportation industry and other businesses that rely on a transportation segment (for deliveries, door-to-door services, etc.) are incorporating GPS trackers into their fleet cars for better management. Most people still hold the outdated and incorrect belief that fleet tracking is a form of surveillance, but those who’ve tried it and benefitted from it will attest to the fact that GPS tracking is anything but espionage.

It allows you to better handle your fleet cars remotely and get the most out of your team through better strategizing. But all of that happens once you’ve got your GPS tracking system installed and ready to go, and in this article, we’ll discuss how you can do that with Fleetr!

How To Install A GPS Tracker In Your Fleet Car

Whether you manage a small business in its trying stage or a large enterprise at its pinnacle, fleet tracking can help you make things better. Installing your GPS trackers is step one towards revolutionizing the way you do business. However, this may be the most daunting of all stages for most people, especially those who know next to nothing about fleet tracking and are just getting started with the whole enterprise. So, how does it all happen, and how much expertise do you need to install your very own fleet tracking GPS device to your company car?

Fleetr has been designed specifically to deal with such concerns, and our GPS tracker is ultra-simple to install and use. Read through the following headers to understand what you need to do to set up your GPS devices:

Step #1: Research & Figure Out What You Need For Your Fleet

Your first concern should be to list down your needs, i.e., what your business needs specifically and what your scale of operations is going to be. You may need fleet tacking either for added security, better management, route optimization, last-minute rerouting, and so on – the possibilities are endless. But you need to be certain that the product you’ve picked up from a list of possible options on the internet can address your concerns and deliver excellently in the areas you need it to perform the most well. Fleetr, for instance, would be a perfect match for any of the goals listed earlier in this paragraph, and it fits well with small fleets, so that’s a bonus!

Step #2: Get Subscribed To Our GPS Tracking Service

If you’ve figured out (correctly) that Fleetr is the option for you, feel free to contact us to get subscribed to our services. Our subscription is a per car per month deal which means that you’ll only be paying for the services used and nothing more than that, i.e., which usually happens with package deals where you may not get to use all aspects of the deal but still be forced to pay for them. Plus, we don’t have any binding contractual terms, hidden fees, extra dues, and so on. Even the tracker hardware is free! Can any other product beat these subscription terms? We are sure that you won’t get a better deal than Fleetr.

Step #3: Install Our GPS Tracker In The OBD Panel

The Fleetr GPS tracker hardware is a plug-and-play device which means that you merely have to connect it with the OBD panel of your fleet car, and that will be all. No installation is needed. Anyone can set up the device and get it working within minutes. In contrast, hardwired devices are quite difficult to manage and often have to be installed by a trained professional because most people are not as handy with the technical stuff. Once you’ve plugged the device in, it should start working. All that you need to do next is to configure your Fleetr app to get started!

Step #4: Set Up The Fleetr Application & Get Used To The Fleet Management Features

The Fleetr application offers widespread compatibility across the OS types (operating systems) – you can have your app on both your computer screen and your smartphone. We prefer it this way because your mobile app will be able to notify you about important stuff even when you’re away from your computer screen. Once you install the app and connect it with your GPS tracker, the rest should be quite simple. The UI is simple, and there is no learning curve. Just a couple of minutes should be enough to get you acquainted with the many features that the app has to offer.

After that, you can feel free to tap your way through the myriad of tracking options available to you in an instant!

What To Look For In A GPS Tracking System

Just as installing your GPS tracker is important, there is another major concern for you: selecting the best GPS tracking solution for your fleet. And by the best, we mean the one that suits your particular needs the most effectively. Thus a simple Google search for the most effective GPS hardware and software will not suffice. If you want to get something specifically suited for your small fleet, you’ll need to determine your needs and see how a prospective product aligns itself with your particular scenario. We’ll save you some time here and tell you that Fleetr is the most adaptable and flexible GPS tracking solution out there, especially when it comes to dealing with small fleets.

However, just for the sake of discussion, let’s discuss the features of a decent fleet tracking hardware and software – just a PS, Fleetr aces them all:

Live Location Tracking

You need to look for the terms “live” and “real-time” – simply location tracking is not enough, far from it. Inadequate products usually transmit locational updates after fixed one-minute or bigger intervals. In contrast, live location tracking allows you to observe the movements of your fleet vehicles as they happen, or almost instantaneously.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Next comes the ability to monitor how well or poorly your drivers are doing in terms of road safety. Besides their performance, their behavior on the road is the most important thing to monitor because an accident can make you a liable party in a lawsuit, and you don’t want that.

Any instances of swift turns, hard presses on brakes, rapid acceleration, swift deceleration, and so on will be reported immediately to you. Following this, it is up to you to educate your drivers about your company’s policy on road safety to avoid a major disaster.

Timely Notifications

The importance of notifications can’t be overstated because it is virtually impossible to stay in front of the fleet tracking app screen all the time. You will want to give your eyes some rest or handle some other tasks at hand. Timely alerts and notifications will ensure that you don’t miss out on important information even when you’re away from the screen.

Maintenance Alerts

Maintenance trouble is often ignored in the transportation business simply because there are tough schedules to be followed. However, if you fail to address these issues in time, they’ll only get worse. Luckily, Fleetr can detect maintenance trouble and warn you in time.

Route Optimization

Lastly, you need to cut down the distance traveled between the various stops in your routine. Route optimization lets you do just that by selecting the most appropriate course for each ride. This way, you’ll conserve fuel, time, and effort – all of this will give you more meant to spend on your business.

Fleetr Is The Perfect GPS Tracking Solution For Your Small Fleet

Based on the features delivered alone, Fleetr excels in several competing GPS tracking hardware and software in the market. Our GPS tracking system comes at a mere $9.99 per vehicle per month, and you get to track as many vehicles as you want (per car deal), observe driver behavior, plot out the most optimal courses for your stops, receive timely notifications for all important events, and much more. We have designed Fleetr to specifically address small fleets’ needs, which means that the scale of your operations is irrelevant. Our product fits in nicely in all situations.

Big or small, all fleets show improved performance with GPS tracking added to the equation, and over 20,00 vehicles are already being managed more efficiently because of our GPS tracking device and software. Call us now to get started with your subscription plan!

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