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Developing A Fleet Management System For Your Business 

Small businesses face many challenges that larger fleet businesses and corporations do not have to worry about. For starters, a small fleet business is working with a lot smaller budget and far fewer resources. That also means there is less room for error regarding your business and its efficiency and productivity. 

Implementing a fleet management system may seem impossible for a small business and as if it is something only bigger corporations can handle and afford. We are here to tell you that is actually not the case. A small business can benefit (and afford) from a fleet management software solution too! 

Developing a fleet management system for your business means you can expect to see a large improvement in business tactics and operations. The information a fleet management solution can give you will give you numbers you have probably never seen before in a much quicker way. Fleet management software helps reduce costs spent on fuel and maintenance. It also helps to give fleet managers better insights into telematics and other areas of their business like driver safety, route optimization, where deliveries are, and more. 

If you have not already thought about implementing a fleet management system, now is the time to do so. Here’s everything you need to know about these systems and how they can benefit you. 

What Is A Fleet Management System?

Fleet management refers to the daily operation tasks a fleet manager has to cover on the job. There is a basic list of duties a fleet manager is responsible for that a fleet management system can help them outsource for better organization and quicker job completion. 

Here are the basic duties fleet managers have to complete:

  • Driver hiring/training
  • Planning, directing, and scheduling routes
  • Scheduling vehicle maintenance
  • Running company numbers
  • Replacement of company vehicles
  • Acquisition and other administrative work

There is still more to the fleet management role that was not covered on this list. Basically, a fleet manager has a lot on their plate that can feel impossible to manage while still running through the shop to ensure things are in order. 

Fleet managers typically have offices full of paperwork and spreadsheets on the computer that they spend trying to look through and crunch to see the company standing and the current efficiency of the company. 

A fleet management system is a third-party technology source that still allows fleet managers to do their job but takes a load off by doing their job for them. Fleetr, a fleet management system, collect data and insights; fleet managers need to see the efficiency of their business and how their drivers are using their equipment, plus more. 

Implementing a good third-party fleet management system will open the door to fleet managers to be more productive in the field of their job and have time to get out from their desks to check on employees and other important business operations. 

Here are the top features your fleet management system should have for easier production:

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is the #1 feature to have in a fleet management system you adopt in 2022. A GPS tracking tool can give you the exact location of your vehicles and drivers at all times. This will come in handy if you want to observe some drivers or if customers are asking where their deliveries are. 

Fuel Management

Fuel is still the biggest culprit of what fleet companies spend most of their money on, and for a smaller fleet business, this can impact them severely. A good and modern fleet management system will detail fuel management in your business and detail where companies are losing most of their fuel and the drivers that may be responsible. 

Driver Analysis

Since your drivers can be responsible for fuel consumption, a driver analysis feature of a fleet management solution can tell you how your drivers are performing behind the wheel. Fleet managers like to think their drivers are safe and using company equipment safely, but a driver analysis will provide transparent truth to driver performance. 

Route Planning/Monitoring

Route optimization is another key in preserving fuel and ensuring fuel usage remains low while productivity increases for smaller fleet businesses. A route planning feature in a fleet software solution can help plan the most efficient route for deliveries that establish an on-time delivery while preserving fuel at the same time. 

Why A Small Business Fleet Needs Newer Telematics

As we have already mentioned, smaller fleet businesses do not have the same budget or list of bigger corporations’ resources. That means they should be more cautious and watchful of their efficiency and productivity. While you may think business is flowing well, insights may prove you wrong. You could be surprised to see that your business is not as efficient as you think. 

With that being said, adding and paying for a fleet management system may seem out of the question. Wrong! 

A fleet management system can benefit anyone who uses it, but a smaller business especially can. 

Having a proper fleet management plan in place is crucial to reduce costs, preserve fuel, and maintain the safety of company equipment. If you are spending more than you should be on fuel and business expenses, then you are not operating as efficiently as possible. 

Smaller fleet businesses do not have the same amount of large numbers to consider when dealing with fleet management. Still, a new telematics system with detailed revealings can help small fleet managers make better decisions for their futures.

It can also help small businesses protect their assets since current resources may not allow them to purchase more equipment until they grow. 

Not all fleet management systems cost your business a fortune. For starters, Fleetr’s GPS tracking tool is only $9.99 per month per unit, and there are no contracts you will need to worry about. 

Think About Implementing A Fleet Management Software Solution

Developing a fleet management system for your business means creating a plan to look for areas of improvement. Fleet management aims to help businesses become more productive and efficient through less spending, fewer repairs, and increasing driver safety. 

To become productive and efficient and see where your business stands, you need the right equipment to do it. An in-depth telematics system like a Fleetr GPS tracking device can give you those insights. 

It is not productive for fleet managers to try and balance everything on their plate themselves. A third-party fleet management software system can schedule and display current driver location, fuel consumption, and maintenance schedules. 

While a fleet manager will still need to manually input upcoming maintenance repairs for some issues, some telematics systems will automatically generate alerts once certain mileage or events have occurred.

Since small businesses need to be more efficient, a third-party system can help their fleet management practices to manage the sources they have now and improve their budget by reducing costs spent on fuel and repairs. Plus, the insights for driver safety can help preserve the health of company equipment so vehicles last longer. 

Protect Vehicle Asset Management

Another important aspect of fleet management is vehicle asset management. It is up to the fleet manager to select appropriate vehicles that will last in their business and care for their use to ensure they are well-maintained by the drivers who use them. There may also come when fleet managers have to be responsible for remarketing their company vehicles. 

Vehicles being well-maintained is crucial for a fleet business for multiple reasons. Not only does it reduce expenses spent on repairs, but it preserves the longevity of the equipment you need to make sure your deliveries are being made on time and within the speed that will satisfy your customers. 

The insights of a fleet management system will provide details about each vehicle, like how efficient they are, so that fleet managers can make necessary changes for more productivity. 

Let Software Guide Your Decision Making

If you have been wondering what areas of your business needs improvement, a fleet management software solution can guide you in your decision-making process. There are a lot of decisions a fleet manager needs to make daily to continue the flow of business that detailed telematics can assist with. 

Fleet managers can trust the data they receive once vehicles are tracked and driver habits are looked at closely with a fleet management system. If you implement a system like Fleetr, which provides you with an efficiency score, you can see how all of the parts together are working for your good or need to be adjusted. 

While fleet managers are busy taking care of other operations, a software solution can do the hard work for fleet managers by calculating reports and figures fleet managers need and can easily come back to. 

Fleet Software Can Give You Maintenance Alerts 

Vehicle maintenance is key in any fleet business since your vehicles are responsible for deliveries and running routes on time. If a vehicle needs too many maintenance requirements, it could be costing your business more than you realize. 

Fleet software can help manage your business by sending you alerts and reminders when certain repairs are coming up or when one needs to be scheduled. Whenever your fleet management software detects an issue with your vehicles or when certain mileage is reached, a notification can be pushed out to inform you of what needs to come next so you can take action immediately. 

This is very beneficial for small businesses since there is less room for error, especially on the makeup of all equipment. While fleet managers of a smaller business may have procedures in place to keep up with preventative maintenance, professionals will enjoy the reminders that are scheduled ahead of time to keep you in the loop. 

Practice Better Management Of Your Drivers 

Fleet managers have to make sure their drivers operate their equipment appropriately and safely on the roads. Driver habits also correlate with the safe use of company vehicles to ensure there are not many repairs that have to be made and that fuel is consumed. 

A fleet management system like Fleetr provides fleet managers with in-depth analytics of every driver they have whenever a company vehicle is taken out on the road. With Fleetr, you will be able to see if drivers are speeding, idling, or harshly using the brakes in a manner that causes brake pads to need replacing. 

The drivers fleet managers hire, and train is also responsible for efficient and on-time deliveries to clients. If a driver is not optimizing a route or using a vehicle in a way that consumes too much fuel, your company can pay the price for this. 

The good news is that fleet management systems can help fleet managers have useful conversations with their employees to show them their habits and implement new strategies to improve driver habits and increase fuel and delivery efficiency. 

Drivers like to feel protected and cared for, especially in a small business that might not pay as well as a larger corporation or offer all of the flashy benefits. With that being said, implementing driver safety and attracting new drivers with how taken care of employees are is a benefit for small fleet businesses. 

Ditch Paper And Use Applications For Business Fleet Management

The traditional fleet management method is from a computer behind a desk in a flooded office of paperwork. With all of the duties of a fleet manager, a newer fleet management system can help operations run smoothly and quickly. 

With new technology, fleet management systems are ready to be accessible through smartphone or tablet apps. This makes it easier for fleet managers to be able to spend some time outside the office and go directly into the field. It also allows fleet managers to have a more established and organized business operations system than being flooded at their desks. 

An online system that tracks business growth and measures are what a fleet manager needs for easier telematics. 

Fleetr supports Apple and Android devices. You can download the app on your phone or tablet and carry it around with you in the field while also accessing your account on a desktop monitor. Drivers cannot access your Fleetr account, but you can still share the information with your employees with the constant reminders the app gives to ensure productive workflow. 

Why Your Small Business Needs Fleetr + What It Can Offer You

Fleetr is the perfect fleet management solution for any small business ready to improve its efficiency and productivity. Our GPS tracker can give any business detailed insights on company standing for various areas. 

Here’s what you can get with a Fleetr GPS tracking device:

  • 60-second updates (shown in real-time)
  • Live-view map tracking
  • Geofence set-up and alerts
  • Aggressive driver behavior alerts
  • Driver safety & efficiency score
  • Saved vehicle trip history
  • Fleet performance
  • Alerts for vehicle maintenance
  • App & desktop-accessible
  • Easy installation

Reviews of our product demonstrate how effective the GPS tracking device is. Once it is properly installed to the OBDII port, telematics will give you the information small businesses need to become more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fleetr Products

How does the driver and efficiency score work?

The driver score and efficiency score rates your drivers while they are on the road (driver score) and the overall score of the efficiency of your business (efficiency score). 

The following items calculate your drivers’ driver safety score in each vehicle: hard braking, rapid acceleration, sharp turns, and speeding. Driving time does affect the score, and drivers who spend long hours on the road will have a lower score overall. 

The efficiency score is calculated by driver habits, fuel usage, and costs. Both scores operate the same way. A score of 67 or higher means your drivers are safe or that your business is very efficient. A score of 33 or lower means it is time to have a conversation with your drivers and that your business needs to have some big improvement. 

What will I see with the vehicle trip history?

Fleetr’s trip history keeps the last 120 days on file and shows where your drivers went and what routes they took on the vehicle tracking map. 

Can I install the GPS tracking device myself? 

Yes! The GPS tracking device can be easily installed yourself within 5 minutes. It needs to be installed on the OBDII port, and a green dot will appear once you have plugged it up to indicate if it is on and working properly. 

Get Started With Your New System Today

Thanks to a fleet management system, are you a small fleet business ready to see a positive change? Fleetr has your GPS tracking tools ready to be shipped for you to start better managing your employees and company efficiency. 

Our business was primarily built to help smaller businesses with their fleet tracking, which is why we can provide your business with up to 100 GPS trackers that you can add or remove each billing cycle. 

Once you sign up with Fleetr, your GPS tracking devices will be delivered to you within four to six business days, along with a tracking number that will be sent within one to two. We will also provide you with login information that you can use on your desktop or app that can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet. 

The GPS tracking device will start logging information for your vehicles and drivers once you have installed the device in your vehicles. As soon as the device is installed, you can start seeing company numbers in your account every day and updated every week. After using Fleetr for a while, you will be able to see weekly, monthly, and yearly reports of your business. 

If you are ready to start tracking your fleet and drivers and scale your small business, sign up with Fleetr today. 

We know you probably have questions, so we are ready to answer them. You can call us at +1 (416) 651-7575.

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