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Consider The Benefits Of Small Business Fleet Management

Fleet management is not something that only the big guys should inculcate in their business protocol. It is for everyone. Most small business owners are usually reluctant to make a major investment for their setup because they’re not sure about their investments’ results. It is okay to be skeptical, but as many fleet managers who have used and benefited from fleet tracking companies such as Fleetr will attest, things only get better when you start tracking your fleet vehicles.

The idea goes much beyond simply tracking the location of fleet cars. Fleet management is meant to connect fleet managers with the drivers they’re supposed to manage. The gap between the two is one of the things keeping your business from becoming as efficient as it can be. Not knowing what is happening on the road and giving away orders can put any fleet manager in a tough position. Luckily, fleet management systems like Fleetr can fill the gap here and let the management staff do their magic without worries.

If you feel that fleet management is only for big businesses and that it may be a bit too big of an investment for your small operations, you’re not alone in thinking so – but it is incorrect to assume this without knowing the facts. Fleet management is meant for small businesses more than anything else. It helps small startups become more profitable and even allows them to expand. In this article, we’ll share with you fact-based knowledge about how fleet tracking can help small business owners get the best out of their transportation segments.

Read till the end to find out how a fleet management system may be the best investment you make for your small business.

Why Fleet Management Is Important For Small Businesses

Budget constraints constantly haunt small business owners and hamper their ability to make new investments.

But how else can a business grow?

Isn’t making smart investments part of what keeps businesses alive, running, and expanding?

It is okay to be worried about the outcome of your investment, and you should do your research before finalizing your decision. However, fleet management is one of those things that benefits small businesses more than big ones. Not that big businesses don’t get a major boost in their success by incorporating fleet management in their protocol, but it is the small ones that need the money more than the big ones, and fleet management fits perfectly into this picture.

Fleet management helps lower the costs of running a business and makes it more productive so that there is more profit for the same amount of input. This is made possible by better integrating the many components of any organization tied to transport. The following headings will explain perfectly how GPS tracking can help fleet managers make a difference for your small business:

Better Productivity

The first thing that fleet management will change in your company is the way things are done, the general attitude towards challenges. People perform their best when they are being monitored and guided constantly on how to best approach problems. Your fleets and drivers are only going to perform as well as you are willing to participate on your end. If you use a fleet management system to observe your drivers’ progress and offer motivation to work harder, you’ll see the results soon enough.

Efficiency Improved

Boosting productivity is one thing, but people can only work a certain amount before needing rest, and nothing good can come out of overexerting your drivers. Contrary to popular belief, fleet managers never try to overburden their fleets, but it happens nevertheless because there is no way for them to categorically assess who’s had too much in a given day or week. Fleet management systems change this – with the performance record of each worker at hand, it will be perfectly possible to assign tasks more smartly. Plus, you can always find ways to make your current protocol more efficient and thus get more work done with the same level of effort on the part of your drivers.

Conserve Fuel

Fuel costs are a major drain for any business with a transportation component. Delivery vans, service cars, and all other fleets suffer from this one drain. It is impossible to prevent fuel wastage. It may be something as insignificant as idling or as major as traveling on longer routes than you need to. Whatever the case, the overall result is the same: fuel gets wasted unnecessarily. This is problematic from an environmental perspective (for companies that aim to go green) and is also a monetary drain. By tackling idling in time and offering optimal routes for each travel, fleet management systems help small businesses save a significant sum by avoiding fuel wastage.

Cut Down On Time Wastage

Time is another asset that small businesses can’t afford to let down the drain. In the business world, time is quite literally money. The better you arrange the schedules of your fleets, the more work you’ll be able to do within a given day. More work done will bring in more money and thus drive up your profits. It is not a matter of asking your drivers to do more work but to better manage the time you have at hand so that the sequence of things to do is as efficient as it can be. Time is one of your grandest assets, and you should conserve it just as such.

This is only possible when your fleet manager knows where exactly time is being wasted and how to best use the company time to cover daily goals and perhaps use the time saved for a couple more milestones per day.

Lower Business Costs

This much must be quite obvious by now: fleet tracking cuts down the costs of running your business. By minimizing fuel wastage, conserving time, better scheduling your stops, and increasing the overall efficiency of your business protocol, fleet management helps you save up more money for business expansion. There is no other way to reduce the costs of your business so efficiently – you are not cutting down the amount of work done (perhaps you might be able to increase it), and you are not slashing down anything fundamental to the success of your setup. Despite this, fleet management lets you bring down the cost of operating your fleets. This is called cost-effectiveness.

Route Optimization

This is another area where fleet tracking plays a very important role in curtailing wastefulness and inefficiency. Route optimization does not simply mean picking the shortest route between two points – the selection is based on a couple of factors, and distance is only one of them. The algorithm selects the route for every travel factor in several aspects of a course before recommending it. Distance, traffic density, driving difficulty, number of turns, number of traffic light stops, and construction activity are some of the factors. Based on the data provided by the satellites, the app will recommend the smoothest and most time-efficient route from the given options.

Route optimization helps save time, fuel, money, and effort for your company, and you can put all of these to better use!

Avoid Accident Liability

Another area where small businesses can lose a huge chunk of their profits is accident liability. If one of your drivers causes a car crash due to their negligence, not only will you have to bear the expenses for the repairs and the medical costs for that driver, but you’ll also be held liable for any damages sustained by the other party. This means that you’ll be dragged into a mess that you did not create and have to pay thousands of dollars at the very least to get out of it. You can preempt such situations by having your drivers exercise safe driving practices and avoiding unsafe driving.

Fleet management systems let you monitor the driving behaviors of your drivers, and thus you’ll be able to prevent accidents through better monitoring and being able to act in time.

Fleetr Is Your Best Bet At Fleet Management For Small Businesses

Fleet management for small businesses is not something that every GPS tracking can help you with. Some products are specifically meant for bigger fleets, while others may be best suited for medium-sized businesses. Affordability, flexibility, and the number of features offered are some of the top concerns for any client looking to buy a fleet management system for their small fleet. Fleetr addresses all of these concerns as it is a fleet management system designed specifically to tackle the challenges faced by small businesses. Our subscription is only $9.99 per vehicle monthly, and it comes without binding contracts, hidden fees, installation charges, and so on.

You’ll have complete freedom over how long you choose to use our services, for how many vehicles, and all the other aspects. The Fleetr experience has been tailored specifically to suit the needs and to exceed the expectations of a small business owner. Give your fleet managers the asset they need to make your fleet excel; call us today for your subscription!

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