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An Easy to Use Fleet Tracker is Critical for SMBs

By August 13, 2020January 13th, 2021No Comments

As a small business owner there’s always lots of work to do, and your fleet and drivers are just some of many concerns. You know there is never enough time to get it all done. With complex schedules and customer demands, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the need to track vehicles, drivers, driver safety and fleet maintenance. However, a simple and easy to use fleet tracking system can make it easy to manage your fleet and save both time and money for your business.


With Fleetr’s latest fleet tracking technology it’s never been easier to manage and track your vehicles. Here what our software offers:


  1. Easy access to fleet information: For your convenience, Fleetr’s app is phone based. You can track your vehicles at any time and in any location without the need to login into a complex system and navigate through screens. Your vehicles’ maintenance records, your drivers’ history and current location are all accessible through any connected mobile device.


  1. Real time Notifications: It’s important to stay current with vehicle maintenance and drivers’ safety when your fleet is on the go. Managing your vehicles when they need maintenance is now easier than ever. The Fleetr app notifies you when your vehicles need to be serviced. It also alerts you of any unsafe driving behavior when your drivers are on the road. When you need to pay attention– we will let you know.


  1. Simple app that is easy to use: One simple home screen fits all. There’s no more endless vehicle reports to sift through to find the driver or vehicle information. With Fleetr you can easily see vehicle maintenance needs, potential fuel savings, urgent alerts as well as historical trip data. All the data you need is available at your fingertips!


We know that as a small business owner you wear many hats, and we’d like to help with at least one task, managing your fleet and drivers.


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