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Advantages to Fleet Tracking via Mobile App

Fleet businesses embrace modern technology to streamline operations and achieve efficiency. With fleet management solutions, businesses remain relevant and competitive, and managing mobile fleets becomes easier.

However, doing so requires real-time data, something made possible with fleet tracking apps that send notifications and vehicle locations.

Mobile phones and tablets have become popular because tracking device providers have integrated them into the tracking technology. They help managers learn of fleet conditions promptly and keep up with customer requests. But that is not all; here is more information on how you could benefit from fleet tracking via mobile applications.

What Are Vehicle Tracking Mobile Apps?

The nature of work for fleet managers requires them to be on the move checking on the state of affairs on all vehicles and drivers. It, therefore, means they spend less time in the office and behind a computer. That is why it is vital to access the data they need remotely and in real-time.

Fleet tracking apps are software programs installed into the phone or tablet from the Google Store or Apple Appstore. They allow managers to access all the information they need from their devices from any location. The tracking apps come with different features for easy tracking and data analysis.

Android and iPhone GPS Tracking Applications

The market is flooded with many GPS tracking devices with different capabilities and features. Once the devices are installed, the managers and drivers must install the tracking on their phones as user interfaces. Most applications are applicable on both android and iPhones.

Although the essential functions of GPS tracking applications are to provide location data and help drivers navigate between places, advanced apps can help monitor sharp turns and acceleration, hard braking, and dangerous driving habits.

Other apps can track interior vehicle conditions such as noise, temperature, humidity, and light. Also, the apps can assist managers in monitoring mileage and stopping made during each trip.

What Are the Benefits of Using Fleet GPS Tracking Apps?

Here are the benefits of mobile apps your business might be missing.

  1. Time-Efficient

Streamlining fleet management processes requires time, especially if you need to gather information from several trucks. For instance, figuring several days’ mileage can be time-consuming.

You will probably have to call each driver to get the information you need. But the challenge sets in if some drivers are not available on the phone or offer inaccurate details. Besides, consolidating such information can take much time.

Fortunately, the management can fish for all the information they need within a short duration through mobile apps. The apps provide everything in one place and instantly offer accurate information promptly, saving the management a lot of time.

  1. Mechanical Information

Fleet businesses must keep their vehicles running optimally to achieve the bottom line. If several trucks break down, fewer trips are completed, which reduces income. With mobile-ready telematics solutions, fleet managers can receive real-time information on the state of the vehicles and act promptly to keep the car running.

  1. Paperless Driver Input

If your state requires fleet companies to abide by Hours of Service regulations, your drivers need to record trip details such as the number of hours they have been driving. Using traditional methods leaves room for error and inaccuracy.

Vehicle tracking systems such as Fleetr have mobile apps that allow drivers to undertake their tasks without recording trip details manually. A driver can signal the start and end of a trip with just a click, and the app automatically records the duration and location. On the other end, the manager accesses the driving status through the app, reducing the cost of organizing and storing paperwork.

  1. Streamlined Fleet Management

Before GPS tracking systems, the management had to call drivers to know their location, which delayed customer orders. When the systems became popular, the managers still had to sit in the office or access a computer for effective management.

Fortunately, management can now connect a customer with the nearest driver even if they have stepped out of the office. The mobile app can locate drivers and assign them tasks without wasting time. Thus, customers have their orders delivered with increased punctuality and efficiency.

  1. Guarantees Driver Safety

Every business puts measures to mitigate their drivers and vehicles from getting into accidents. However, if an accident occurs and drivers cannot notify the office instantly, it could cost more to meet the damage control charges. With mobile solutions such as Fleetr, drivers can alert the manager with a button click.

Managers get the message instantly the vehicle gets into an accident on their apps and provide help immediately. Additionally, the systems record data that help users analyze why the accident occurred, what caused it and what needs to be done to avoid such cases in the future.

  1. Fuel Efficiency

One challenge most fleet companies deal with is fluctuating fuel costs. Ensuring no fuel goes to waste when the vehicles are in transit helps reduce fuel costs. With fleet trackers such as Fleetr, managers immediately get alerts on their mobile phones that drivers engage in fuel-consuming activities such as idling, acceleration, and speeding.

Additionally, users can choose the shortest route, reducing fuel consumption per mile through the mobile app. The app allows them to view the map, identify colossal traffic or closed roads routes, and choose the shortest or most suitable.

  1. Assist Drivers

Drivers who use mobile apps consider the technology as their assistant managers. The apps enable them to locate the nearest fuel station, less congested routes, coordinate with the manager, or find the vehicle in a parking lot. With such help, driver’s work is made easy, and they can concentrate on their performance.

  1. Reduces Operational Costs

The cost of managing fleets can be overwhelming, especially for small businesses. Luckily, a mobile tracker can help mitigate some costs by monitoring driver behaviors that lead to accidents.

The app cautions the drivers to adopt safe driving habits, reducing possible repair or replacement costs. They also notify the manager whenever any drivers engage in dangerous acts that could cause accidents. Additionally, the app eliminates paperwork; thus, managers can view the accurate number of hours drivers take, reducing overtime costs.


Features to Consider When Choosing Fleet Tracking Apps

Fleet apps are excellent solutions for managers and business owners since they have powerful capabilities that help track vehicles from any location. However, not every fleet app out there can meet all your business needs. Here are some must-have features in an efficient tracking app.

  1. Real-Time Communication Enabled

When vehicles hit the road, unexpected issues may arise, but fleet managers prepared to combat them make a huge difference. Managers require tracking apps that keep them informed through real-time communication with the drivers and other employees.

Getting the notifications as issues happen enables managers to prioritize, address challenges, and initiate workflows. Additionally, trackers provide timely data that help enhance fuel efficiency. Receiving data immediately after the vehicle enters an idling state enables managers to notify the driver for immediate action.

  1. Capable of Coordinating Geofencing Parameters

A fleet management system that pairs up with robust tracking apps such as Fleetr enables managers to set specific areas vehicles should travel during particular times through geofencing.

A geofencing is a virtual border that predetermines general route drivers should stick to security or compliance purposes. Once the vehicle enters or leaves the area, a mobile app with a geofencing feature notifies the manager immediately for more actions.

  1. Ease of Use

When looking for fleet technology, ensure you can easily find all the information you and your team need. A straightforward app is a must since every team member will use and operate and contribute towards achieving the ultimate goals.

The best app should be easy to navigate, figure out all the details, easy to update and use, even offline. It is not worth your effort and money if you find it hard to implement.

  1. Allows Unlimited Users

Managing a transport business requires the combined efforts of all stakeholders. To achieve the desired results, the manager must coordinate each process from customer requests, task allocation, available drivers, route planning, billing, and maintenance.

Ensuring all stakeholders access the mobile app for real-time updates and communication is essential. However, most tracking apps have a pricing procedure based on per user, which becomes expensive, considering the number of stakeholders involved.

Therefore, it is vital to look for tracking device providers whose tracking applications offer per asset pricing with an unlimited usage plan. Such apps enable smooth coordination and communication as well as save money.

  1. Offer Different Services

Fleet tracking systems provide GPS locations, but that is not the only assistance fleet managers require. Tracking fleet management systems such as Fleetr give the most critical fleet data such as maintenance schedules, work orders and status, and operating expenses, which enable managers to deliver timely.

  1. Access Levels

As mentioned earlier, it is vital to choose a tracking application that allows for multiple users. However, managers should put user restrictions in place. Locking sensitive information from unauthorized users protects business data, a valuable asset.

For instance, drivers should only have access to information that caters to their daily responsibilities, such as inspection and communication, and emergency tools. Therefore, choose an application with certain restriction levels for specific users for data protection.

Why Use Fleetr Mobile App to Track Your Vehicles?

Fleetr mobile app is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and has all the features you need to optimize your fleet operations. The app has a geofencing feature that comes in handy in ensuring fleet and driver safety. In addition, the application offers real-time data that help managers track operational costs, driver behavior, and route optimization.

The app is compatible with both androids and iPhones, and you can install it within minutes. Besides, you do not have to pay for it, and there are no activation fees.

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