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About Fleetr’s Affordable Fleet GPS Solution

When it comes to finding a GPS tracking solution for businesses with smaller-sized fleets, one name stands out in the crowd – Fleetr. Fleetr is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jooycar and is headquartered in Los Altos, California, the heart of Silicon Valley. Backed by a team of over 40 people who share the same belief in data-driven, safe mobility, Fleetr is working toward changing the entire dynamic of what fleet managers know as fleet tracking solutions.  As of 2021, Fleetr services over 30,000 vehicles connected to the platform.

Fleetr isn’t just made for one industry, either. If your business uses vehicles to transport products or provide services to customers, there is room for it within the Fleetr family. Let’s take a minute and see what Fleetr offers the small business fleet owner/manager when they sign up.

A Telematics Approach to GPS Fleet Tracking

What if you could receive data-driven recommendations about your fleet for improving productivity, fuel economy, and more? Fleetr offers this through its data-driven solutions, with results available directly in the palm of your hand via the downloadable Fleetr app. The app features easy-to-navigate features and is available at no additional cost.

The Fleetr fleet GPS solution provides fleet managers with unparalleled advantages, some of which include:

  • Increased fuel efficiency – Do you seem to notice that certain drivers are spending more on gas than others who run longer service routes? Fleetr gives you detailed recommendations on how you can improve the fuel economy of your fleet, with additional savings of up to $200 per vehicle per month just from practicing fuel efficiency.
  • Safer drivers – A monitored driver seems to drive a little better than one with the freedom of the road under their tires. In addition to receiving fuel tips, you can find out which drivers on your fleet are doing well, who the best one is, and who needs some help. Set up alerts to find out which drivers are speeding, being aggressive on the road, or idling for long periods of time.
  • Lower insurance premiums – This perk is not a guarantee. Not all insurance companies offer incentives like lower premiums for fleets with tracking services. The ones who do offer them is because the risk is lower for these fleets. What do we mean the risk is lower? Vehicles with trackers are more likely to be found in the event of a theft, especially if the thief doesn’t know there is a tracker and they breach a geofenced area that triggers an alert or after-hours alerts. These tracking features also allow managers to ensure drivers are being safe – which insurance companies love!

Fleetr’s Affordable Pricing Structure

Fleet managers love the price they pay for Fleetr’s services. Unlike some of the traditional fleet tracking options, Fleetr doesn’t try to nickel and dime the fleets we work with. It can be hard being a small business fleet to begin with; why would you want to pay large fleet prices that are devastating to your profits?

The base pricing for Fleetr’s software, app, and hardware is $9.99 per vehicle per month. For fleets that are 10 to 19 vehicles, take an additional 10% off your total monthly charges and 20% off for 20 vehicles and more. 

The best part? Fleetr doesn’t make you sign a contract to use their services. 

Traditional fleet tracking that caters to large fleets will often require fleet managers to sign a commitment. The contract will often lay out terms that begin with a promotional period that is followed by an increased monthly payment amount for the remaining term of the contract. Fleetr takes a “pay-as-you-go” approach to fleet management – allowing the manager to determine if they want to continue services. If you find that you are unhappy with the level of service you get with Fleetr, you can request to end your services, and we even send you the return label for the hardware. We would hate to see any customer go, but we won’t keep you in a situation where you are not happy either.

Signing Up For GPS Tracking Solutions Can Be Easy

We don’t believe in making the process of signing up for a fleet tracking solution complicated. In fact, you can complete the signup process in as little as ten minutes. 

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Buy Now”
  3. Enter the number of fleet vehicles you want to include in your tracking subscription
  4. Pay the first month’s payment (no activation fee or shipping)
  5. We ship you the hardware (it takes three to five days)

While you wait for your hardware to come in the mail, go ahead and download our app. Enter in the information on the vehicles and your fleet drivers. Once you get the hardware in the mail, plug it into your OBD II port and begin the tracking process. Each piece of hardware uses wireless networks to transmit the data back to the app – don’t worry, we pay for the use of these networks. You still only pay the agreed-upon amount.

Fleetr Reporting Helps Fuel Efficiency and Driver Safety

You read that right – save money on fuel and help keep your drivers safe on the road when you use Fleetr. We provide you with data-driven reporting that gives you tips on how you can be more fuel-efficient as a fleet. We look at individual driving patterns, how your vehicle is treated, and the miles being driven and come up with suggestions to change how fuel is consumed.

Driver safety is another touchpoint that is always on every manager’s mind – how can I make my fleet safer? Your fleet is representative of your brand, so if your fleet is driving unsafely, it sets a precedent that your brand is unsafe. Some driving behaviors are not excusable, and we make sure to send you alerts when they occur. Make sure that your drivers are not driving aggressively, speeding, or hard braking through extensive vehicle monitoring.

Keep Up With Maintenance Protocols

Having a fleet is an investment, one that you have made with your business. You want to keep it safe and secure, as well as maintained. Chances are, if you are at home, you can’t answer which vehicles are going to be in need of an oil change within the next month. With Fleetr, you can. All maintenance information is tracked, including mileage, letting you stay on top of when your fleet vehicles need oil changes, tire rotations, routine maintenance, and more.

Make the Change – The Fleetr Way

You can see now how easy it is to sign up for Fleetr. You can go online and start the process right now if you want. We will get your order processed and your hardware on the way. 

Having an affordable solution that allows you to increase the profitability of your fleet and business is the goal of most fleet owners/managers today. There are some that are not cost-effective, but Fleetr was designed to help those smaller fleets come out ahead. 

If you still have questions, reach out to our exceptional customer service team. They are available to answer any questions you may have, give you quotes, or help you troubleshoot your Fleetr service once you get it. Don’t wait. Get started with Fleetr today and increase your fleet’s productivity and efficiency!

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