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3G Phaseout

The cellular networks that telematics service providers like Fleetr use to send data from the OBD device to our application will be changing in the next few months. AT&T is phasing their older 3G networks to move forward with their 5G rollout in late February and early March.  However, Fleetr’s devices will still work through T Mobile’s 3G network which will be live through June. As such, you will likely face minimal interruption until July 1. 

While the 3G sunset will affect your current OBD devices’ functionality, the new 4G devices you receive will have the latest technology offered in telematics and will last through 2025. You will see additional features and better performance.

 Although the 3G phase-out has been known for months, all 4G manufacturers are facing significant shortages due to supply chain constraints and the worldwide semiconductor shortage. We have secured 4G inventory, and are adding more at a rapid pace. We will be reaching out to our customers to help them through the 4G rollout.

  • 4G devices will last through 2025 and have better performance
  • We will be monitoring blackout zones to help with 4G replacement
  • Your monthly subscription will not change
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